More Join Outback Steakhouse Wage Payment Class Action

Thousands of Current and Former Outback Steakhouse Employees Join Wage Payment Class Action The parent company behind Outback Steakhouse faces a major wage payment class action lawsuit involving over 100,000 hourly employees of the organization, who claim the company violated minimum wage law, overtime pay, and required off-the-clock work. The … [Read more...]

Lawsuit Filed Against Hickory Tavern Over Wage Payment

Former Hickory Tavern Server Files Wage Payment Lawsuit Against Restaurant Chain A former server at Hickory Tavern, a North Carolina based restaurant chain, has filed a lawsuit claiming that the company paid her and hundreds of others $2.13 per hour but required them to perform work unrelated to waiting tables, for which they should have received … [Read more...]

Wage Payment Class Action Filed by Minor League Baseball Players

Minor League Baseball Players File Wage Payment Class Action Lawsuit Minor league baseball players have gathered to file a class action lawsuit against their league leaders because they are the “working poor” of the sports world, claiming that they make less than minimum wage. The wage payment and labor violations lawsuit claims that minor league … [Read more...]

South Carolina Wage Payment Lawsuit Filed Against Charleston Restaurant

Popular Charleston Restaurant Faces South Carolina Wage Payment Lawsuit for Alleged Labor Violations with Tips A popular downtown Charleston seafood restaurant now faces a South Carolina wage payment lawsuit  filed by 15 current and former employees, which alleges that a tip sharing pool violated the Fair Labor Standards Act. The South Carolina … [Read more...]

Former Bucks Cheerleader Sues for Unpaid Wages

Former Milwaukee Bucks Cheerleader Files Wage Payment Lawsuit A former Milwaukee Bucks cheerleader has officially filed a wage payment  lawsuit against the team. While many NBA stars and coaches earn millions of dollars, the former cheerleader says that, with all her working hours and personal expenses, she and her fellow cheerleaders earned less … [Read more...]

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