Bruce Jenner Faces Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawsuit

Bruce Jenner Named Defendant in Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawsuit The stepchildren of a woman killed in a car accident involving Bruce Jenner have filed a wrongful death car accident lawsuit against the former Olympian, alleging negligence and reckless endangerment. The car accident victim was Kim Howe, 69, and her stepchildren William Howe and … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Highlights Treadmill Accidents

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death on Treadmills is Common, According to Stats The announcement of CEO Dave Goldberg’s death on Friday, May 1st, in a treadmill accident was shocking to many people. While it is still unclear exactly what caused the CEO of SurveyMonkey to fall and fatally hit his head, his death has created much discussion around … [Read more...]

Heart Clinic Deemed “Grossly Negligent” In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

SC Heart Clinic Failed to Inform Patient of Health Issues, Loses Wrongful Death Lawsuit A Richland County jury ruled in a wrongful death lawsuit that a local heart clinic was grossly negligent when it failed to warn a patient about his potential cardiac condition, and that the lack of knowledge contributed to the patient’s subsequent death from … [Read more...]

Hazing Victims in South Carolina

South Carolina Hazing Victim Attorneys Hazing is a very real and very serious problem in our society. Whether it’s “Hell Week” at the Citadel, in a fraternity or sorority, in our military, sports teams, or in any number of other groups, hazing happens too often. The results can be deadly when you are a hazing victim. Hazing has been shown to … [Read more...]

Actor Robert Carradine in Tractor Trailer Accident

Robert Carradine and Wife Involved in Head-On Tractor Trailer Accident The star of “Revenge of the Nerds” and “Lizzie Maguire,” Robert Carradine, as well as his wife Edie Mani, were reportedly involved in a head-on tractor trailer accident in Colorado on March 5th. Both Carradine and his wife were seriously injured in the tractor trailer … [Read more...]

What Do You Do When the Driver Is at Fault and Underinsured?

Bruce Jenner Underinsured, May Not Cover Fatal Car Accident Victim's Damages: Although Bruce Jenner will not see criminal charges after he caused a fatal car accident, he could still face a wrongful death lawsuit if his insurance fails to cover the victim’s family’s costs, he was underinsured. “For a fatality, let’s say the jury awards $10 … [Read more...]

Excessive Force Death in Washington State May Lead to Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Mexican Family Could File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Washington State Town for Excessive Force Death A Mexican immigrant working in the agricultural town of Pasco, Washington, was shot on February 10th after allegedly throwing rocks at police officers. The victim’s death has sparked two weeks of protests against police brutality and excessive … [Read more...]

Research Misconduct Can Lead to Defective Drugs or Devices

FDA, Medical Journals Rarely Report Violations in Clinical Trials, Which Can Lead to Defective Drugs or Devices A new study found that US health regulators often find serious problems in how clinical trials are conducted as research facilities, but their final, published reports almost never mention these issues. This can lead not only to … [Read more...]

Strom Law SC Car Accident Attorney Report: Unsafe Drivers

SC Car Accident Attorney: Wrecks  Caused by Drivers Who Admit Unsafe Habits Every 13 minutes, a car accident or crash kills someone in the United States. Fatalities range across anyone who uses roads, including drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Statistically, young people are most likely to suffer from car accident injuries and deaths.  What the … [Read more...]

Anderson Accident Leads to Felony DUI Charges

Anderson University Assistant Coach Arrested with SC Felony DUI Charges Early on Saturday, November 7th, 24 year old assistant coach with Anderson University, crossed the center line colliding head on with a Nissan Altima, killing the driver and two passengers. He was then arrested on South Carolina felony DUI charges. According to the arrest … [Read more...]

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