Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit Filed by South Carolina Couple

South Carolina Couple Files Lawsuit Against Pharmaceutical Companies Manufacturing Testosterone Therapy

testosterone therapy lawsuitThe latest of thousands of personal injury lawsuits filed against pharmaceutical companies due to testosterone therapy side effects comes from a South Carolina couple, who have both physically and emotionally suffered after one partner was treated for “Low T.”

“Low T” consists of collection of symptoms mainly related to the natural aging process – such as low sex drive and tiredness – and claims they can all be treated by a boost in testosterone. Many testosterone therapies were originally approved by the FDA to treat genetic or physical causes of low testosterone in men, such as hypogonadism, or loss of testicles due to testicular cancer. However, almost as soon as the drugs were approved for limited medical complications, pharmaceutical companies began developing new testosterone therapy treatments, like Androgel, and marketing them to older men.

Unfortunately, testosterone therapies like Androgel, when used in men over the age of 65, is an increased risk of cardiovascular problems like strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, and vascular issues. In men younger than 65 who take Androgel or other testosterone therapies for “Low T,” who have a pre-existing problem with blood clots or heart problems, these issues can be exacerbated to the point of injury.

The plaintiff in the latest testosterone therapy lawsuit said that he became concerned about his testosterone levels after he began to gain weight, lose muscle, suffer consistent fatigue, mood swings, irritability, and a decrease in libido. When he saw an ad for Androgel, he asked his doctor who prescribed the testosterone therapy along with another, Testim, to the plaintiff. That was the summer of 2012.

Just one month after beginning the medications, the plaintiff said he developed a deep vein thrombosis, a serious blood clots\ in his legs. Although the plaintiff survived the serious complication, he will now be on blood thinners for the rest of his life, and has had to make other drastic changes to his lifestyle that have affected both himself and his wife. They both remain on high alert for future complications, causing emotional distress.

The personal injury lawsuit was filed against Abbott Laboratories and Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, the makers of testosterone therapies Androgel and Testim. The plaintiffs claim that both companies were negligent in failing to warn patients of the potential side effects associated with the drugs.

Although both companies were aware of the side effects of testosterone therapy in patients over the age of 45, patients are claiming they negligently marketed the drugs to doctors and directly to patients, without proper warnings associated with the drug. The lawsuit is the latest in thousands of lawsuits against testosterone therapy manufacturers, especially Androgel, which is a topical gel that allegedly increases testosterone in men without having to take a pill. While studies are still examining the actual effectiveness of various testosterone therapies in treating “Low T,” the fact stands that the drugs were not approved for that use, only for serious medical conditions that could lead to consistently low testosterone unrelated to the aging process.



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