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Three DUIs in 45 Hours?

Three DUIs in less than three days?

A Utah man spent 24 days in jail for three DUIs that happened within 45 hours of each other.

Daniel Kropf left jail after a judge reduced his bail to $30,000. Kropf was booked in the Cache County jail on an enhanced third-degree felony charge of driving under the influence. The judge denied bail for the 41 year old until his initial appearance on July 16. The judge then decided not to grant bail until a preliminary hearing this past Thursday, August 2.


DUIKropf’s attorney, George Skordas, argued that bail was too high for a first time third-degree felony offense because Kropf had yet to receive a guilty verdict on the first two DUI’s. Skordas also argued that Kropf should not be facing felony charges for the third DUI arrest in less than two days stating again, there has yet to be conviction on the first two charges, so how could the third one be a felony.

During Thursday’s hearing, Skordas argued for the bail option. The state stated they felt Kropf was danger to society and “was a flight risk”, according to court documents. Skordas also argued that Kropf had no prior felony criminal history and Kropf was willing to submit to random drug testing. Kropf would also not consume alcohol or controlled substances and volunteered to surrender his passport and pilot’s license until the next court date. Kropf agreed to submit to ankle monitoring until his next court date.

The state argued for the felony count because prosecutors expect to get convictions on the first two misdemeanor DUI offenses. Prosecutors asked to bind the two DUI cases into the current case, according to court documents. In Utah, the conviction of prior DUIs means a person faces felony charges for each subsequent offense.

The Charges

Kropf’s 45 hour DUI binge started like this:

  • On July 8, Kropf was driving a truck pulling a flatbed trailer. The trailer then hit a dumpster outside the Maverick. The trailer shoved the dumpster into an employee who was taking the trash. The employee went to the hospital with serious injuries. The victim filed a personal injury suit in connection with the case on July 31 in 1st District Court. Kropf faced a charge of driving without insurance, a class B misdemeanor. There was no appearance of DUI at the time of his arrest, according to Logan City police assistant, Chief Jeff Curtis.
  • Three hours later a Cache County sheriff’s deputy pulled Kropf over at 100 West and 14000 North. Kropf was allegedly driving under the influence of drugs with his child and his wife in the vehicle. Kropf was booked on misdemeanor DUI offense (enhanced due to the child in the vehicle), a class B misdemeanor for no proof of insurance and a class C misdemeanor for an expired registration. Kropf left jail on a $2,390 bail.
  • Kropf’s second DUI occurred when law enforcement responded to a medical call at a Super 8 Motel. Upon arrival, officers found Kropf in an Escalade, once again impaired. Officers took Kropf to jail on charges of a class B misdemeanor of DUI. Kropf left jail after posting bail.
  • The third DUI occurred 24 hours later on July 10 after officers responded to a call of drunken driver. Officers pulled Kropf over at 2500 North and Main Street. They once again found Kropf in an impaired state.

Court records state that Kropf has a long history of automobile offenses, but no prior DUI convictions.

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