Upstate Dentist Faces Drug Charges, LLR Investigation

Greenwood Area Dentist Faces Criminal Accusations that Will Likely Prompt an LLR Investigation

SC Board of Dentistry InvestigationA drug investigation in the upstate recently led to the arrest of a dentist in Greenwood, South Carolina on drug charges. In addition to the criminal charges, the Upstate dentist will likely be forced to defend his professional license before the South Carolina Board of Dentistry.

The dentist was arrested and charged on Wednesday, October 7th. The Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office contends he is part of a drug ring. He faces drug charges including intent to distribute cocaine, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, and possession with intent to distribute within half a mile of a school.

The drug ring investigation led police officers to monitor activity outside the dental practice. Reportedly, around 3:30 PM, officers saw the dentist allegedly exit the practice, and go to his truck with a brown envelope. He then returned to his office. Another suspect retrieved the envelope from the dentist’s vehicle shortly afterward, and drove away.

Police stopped the other suspect and searched his person and his vehicle, finding “a round rubber pouch type object which contained numerous individually wrapped baggies of white powder substance” in the suspect’s pants pocket, and several prescription pills, more white powder, and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. The arresting officers also found gambling ledgers, as well as $14,000 in cash.

The white powder was tested using a field test, which determined that the substance was cocaine.

Police then returned to the dental practice to arrest the dentist. While being arrested, the dentist reportedly stated that he had a problem with cocaine, but then said at first that he had no idea that the other suspect left cocaine in his truck. After further questioning, he purportedly told an arresting officer that he was only testing the officer and was aware that the cocaine had been left in the truck.

Both suspects are currently being held on drug charges at the Greenwood County Detention Center. So far, there is no word on when they will be arraigned on drug charges, or released from the detention center.

In South Carolina, drug charges carry serious penalties.  Given that the accused is licensed in South Carolina as a dentist, he also faces a possible LLR investigation against his professional license, which may result in professional consequences including restriction on his ability to practice, probation, or even revocation. The Greenwood dentist can also expect a referral to the South Carolina Recovering Professionals Program in conjunction with the LLR investigation.




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