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Woman Arrested on Criminal Domestic Violence Charges after Choking Blanket Hog Boyfriend

SC Woman Choked Boyfriend for Hogging Blankets, Faces Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

No one likes it when their partner steals the covers in the night, especially in the middle of winter. One woman from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, took her anger a little too far – to the point of criminal domestic violence charges.

Myrtle Beach Police were called out to a house on Flagg Street on Wednesday night, at about 11 PM. The call came from a man who reported that, when he rolled over and took some covers with him while asleep, his “highly intoxicated girlfriend” got mad. She then jumped on him, began to choke him, and left scratches and bruises on his neck.

According to police reports, the man was bleeding where his girlfriend, Tina Berryhill Rucker, had scratched him on the neck.

Officers said that Rucker was intoxicated and uncooperative when they found her on the scene. She was arrested on criminal domestic violence charges, and is currently being held without bond.

South Carolina Law and Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

According to South Carolina law, criminal domestic violence  charges are defined as:

  1. Causing physical harm or injury to a person’s own household member (defined as spouse, former spouse, cohabiting partners, or two people who share responsibility for children), or
  2. Offering or attempting to cause physical harm or injury to a person’s own household member, with apparent and present ability, under circumstances reasonably creating fear of imminent peril.

When officers are called onto the scene, they determine who they believe to be the primary aggressor; if physical injury is involved, or the threat of physical injury is involved, the primary aggressor will be arrested on criminal domestic violence charges and go to jail.

A minor situation may be misunderstood and blown way out of proportion, resulting in an arrest. Even when the situation cools down and the victim is against pressing charges, the damage is done.

Regardless of the circumstances, being accused of criminal domestic violence is very serious, and can tear apart your family, result in prison time, and end your career.

Even if the Judge releases you on bond, you may be forced to leave your home and ordered to stay away from your spouse or significant other and possibly your children.  The victim may be referred to Family Court to request an Order of Protection where a Judge can order you to leave your home, lose your right to visitation or even custody or your children, and obligate you to pay alimony to your spouse.

Criminal domestic violence is a serious crime throughout the US
Criminal domestic violence is a serious crime throughout the US

The Attorneys at the Strom Law Firm Can Defend You Against Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

Founded by former US Attorney, Pete Strom, the Strom Law Firm has an in-house private investigator who will help gather all the evidence you need to successfully fight your criminal charges. We also have experienced South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys who will develop a strategic, well-formulated defense.  The Defense Attorneys at The Strom Law Firm will make sure you know what to expect and how to best protect your freedom.

Do not let criminal domestic violence charges destroy your reputation and career. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case. Contact the Strom Law Firm today for help. 803.252.4800.



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