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Research Links Viagra to Skin Cancer


Study Finds Viagra Use Increases Risk of Skin Cancer New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that men who take Viagra may have up to double the risk of skin cancer. The study, published in the June edition of JAMA, evaluated 26,000 male patients who disclosed during a 2000 Harvard study that used … [Read more...]

Pfizer’s Geodon Can Cause Fatal Skin Reaction

fatal skin reaction

FDA Posts Warning About Pfizer’s Antipsychotic Geodon Due to Potentially Fatal Skin Reaction The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a serious warning about a dangerous drug – Pfizer’s antipsychotic Geodon, which has the generic name ziprasidone – which can cause a serious but fatal skin reaction in some patients. The FDA added a new drug … [Read more...]

Going Helmet-Less May Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

traumatic brain injury

Some Football Teams Drill Without Helmets to Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury After the large traumatic brain injury lawsuit against the NFL led to a huge settlement for players who suffer long-term health issues related to repeated, untreated concussions, helmet manufacturers, safety experts, lawmakers, and loved ones have all debated about the … [Read more...]

Testosterone Therapy Not Linked to Prostate Cancer

testosterone therapy

Testosterone Therapy Does Not Lead to Prostate Cancer, Could Still Cause Cardiovascular Problems Testosterone therapy has recently been under a storm of controversy.  Reports of older men prescribed gels, pills, or creams to help treat symptoms of “low T” like fatigue or low sexual performance, have been received by the FDA and testosterone … [Read more...]

Comcast Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Secondary Public Wifi Network

class action lawsuit

Comcast Used Private Home Wifi Cost to Fund Public Wifi Network, Class Action Lawsuit Claims A federal class action lawsuit was filed against Comcast in California, last Thursday December 4, 2014.  The class action suit accuses the internet service provider of forcing residential customers to purchase more expensive routers (that are potentially … [Read more...]

Apple Antitrust Lawsuit Stumbles Through First Week

Apple antitrust

Apple Antitrust Lawsuit Loses Two Plaintiffs, Backup Plaintiffs Called In The decade-old Apple antitrust class action lawsuit, against Apple, for forcing iPod users to exclusively use iTunes has hit some stumbling blocks in the first week, after two plaintiffs were dropped from the lawsuit, and the class action attorneys filed five replacement … [Read more...]

Stryker Settles Dangerous Device Lawsuit with DOJ

dangerous device

Stryker Settles Dangerous Device Lawsuit Involving Unapproved Knee Replacements with DOJ Stryker Corp recently settled a multi-district litigation involving their all-metal hip replacement devices, which failed early and caused serious personal injury, and now the medical device manufacturer is settling another lawsuit involving dangerous devices … [Read more...]

Woman Claims Employer Discrimination Related to Pregnancy

employer discrimination

UPS Worker Claims Employer Discrimination After Being Let Go Due to Pregnancy A woman’s employer discrimination lawsuit has made it all the way to the Supreme Court, challenging the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. In 1976, the Supreme Court ruled that pregnancy did not entitle women to special treatment with their employers, unlike … [Read more...]

High School Students Face Criminal Charges for Bullying


Eight High School Students Face Assault Charges Related to SC Bullying Incident Eight students from Socastee High School in South Carolina were suspended, taken into custody on Wednesday, December 3rd, and now face assault charges related to a serious bullying incident that they filmed. The students, who range in age from 17 to 19, attended … [Read more...]

CA Surgeon Loses Medical License for Removing Wrong Kidney

Medical License

Medical License Revoked in Case of Surgeon Who Removed Wrong Kidney from Inmate In February 2012, a federal inmate had surgery at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton underwent a procedure to remove a diseased kidney, which was failing because of numerous tumors. However, the surgeon who operated on the prisoner removed the wrong kidney, leading … [Read more...]

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