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Sun Pharmaceuticals Issues Warfarin Drug Recall

Warfarin Drug Recall

Indian Company Under Fire Again for Warfarin Drug Recall Sun Pharmaceuticals has been closely scrutinized by the Food and Drug Administration recently for problems with generic drugs leading to drug recalls in the US. The company, along with other generic drug manufacturers in India, met with FDA head Margaret A. Hamburg in February of this year … [Read more...]

Compounding Pharmacy Employee Pleads Not Guilty to Fungal Meningitis Outbreak

fungal meningitis

Man Responsible for Several Fungal Meningitis Cases Pleads Not Guilty in Federal Court After his arrest on September 4th, Glenn Adam Chin, 46, pleaded not guilty to charges involving tainted steroid injections manufactured at a New England compounding pharmacy, which led to hundreds of cases of fungal meningitis. Chin is the first person arrested … [Read more...]

Study Concludes Fracking Causes Serious Personal Injury to Nearby Residents


New Study Looks at Serious Personal Injury Related to Living Near Fracking Operations Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking, has become a common way to mine for natural gas. The process involves fracturing rock with a hydraulically-pressurized liquid, most often water with suspended particles like sand and some chemicals. The … [Read more...]

Pre-Diabetes Linked to Increased Cancer Risk


Study Links Pre-Diabetes to 15% Increased Cancer Risk A new study on diabetes, published in Diabetologia, shows a link between high blood sugar levels defined as pre-diabetes, and an increased risk of developing cancer. According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control, one in three Americans aged 20 or older are considered to … [Read more...]

Company To Pay $73 Million to Plaintiff with Transvaginal Mesh Injury

transvaginal mesh injury

Boston Scientific Found Liable for Transvaginal Mesh Injury in Dallas Trial Boston Scientific has lost a personal injury trial in Dallas, which alleges that the company failed to warn about the potential side effects of its transvaginal mesh devices and was negligent toward patients and doctors. Martha Salazar’s personal injury case was separate … [Read more...]

J&J To Pay Transvaginal Mesh Victim $3.27 Million

transvaginal mesh victim

Judge Orders Medical Device Manufacturer to Pay $3.27 Million to Transvaginal Mesh Victim in Trial On Friday, September 5th, a jury ruled that a plaintiff in the transvaginal mesh multidistrict litigation (MDL) against Johnson & Johnson and their subsidiary Ethicon were guilty of negligence and misrepresentation. The judge ordered the company … [Read more...]

NCAA Files Motion to Dismiss Compensation Antitrust Lawsuits

antitrust lawsuits

NCAA Files Motion to Dismiss Plaintiffs from Compensation Antitrust Lawsuits The NCAA announced on Thursday, September 4th, that the college football league had filed a motion in a district court in Northern California to dismiss two antitrust lawsuits that were filed in March. One of the antitrust lawsuits includes four former college football … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for Some Football? Tailgate Safety Tips

tailgate safety

Tailgate Safety Tips for Football Season As we count down the days to the upcoming Carolina - Georgia game this Saturday, tailgating is surely on your mind.  With temperatures still creeping into the 90s, we offer you ten tips for tailgate safety: Make sure that any perishable items are kept on ice; make sure that foods that are served cold … [Read more...]

FDA Debates Use of Testosterone Therapy, Benefits, Side Effects

use of testosterone therapy

FDA Fails to Find Evidence That Use of Testosterone Therapy Works The Food and Drug Administration has scheduled a meeting amongst regulators to discuss the benefits and detriments of the use of testosterone therapy, in light of numerous Low T personal injury lawsuits that have recently alleged harmful side effects from using the product, … [Read more...]

Suspect Tied to Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Arrested

meningitis outbreak

Man Linked to Compounding Pharmacy Meningitis Outbreak in 2012 Arrested On Thursday, September 4th, a suspect believed to be primarily responsible for the massive, nationwide meningitis outbreak caused by a compounding pharmacy has been arrested while attempting to leave the country. The compounding pharmacy meningitis outbreak, which began in … [Read more...]

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