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Mycamine Manufacturer Settles Whistleblower Lawsuit for $7.3 Million

whistleblower lawsuit

Astellas Pharma US Settles Mycamine Whistleblower Lawsuit with Federal Government Astellas Pharma US, the pharmaceutical manufacturer behind intravenous antifungal drug Mycamine, has agreed to a $7.3 million settlement in a whistleblower … [Read more...]

Traumatic Brain Injury Increases Suicide Risk in Teens

traumatic brain injury

Teenagers with Traumatic Brain Injury at Higher Risk of Suicide, Risky Behaviors Recent studies on teenagers with traumatic brain injuries such as concussions have shown that children’s cognitive function is impaired. Now, a study shows that mood … [Read more...]

OTC Painkillers and Pradaxa Are a Dangerous Mix


Painkillers and Blood Thinners Like Pradaxa Can Increase Bleeding Risk People who take prescription blood thinners like Pradaxa, along with over the counter painkillers like aspirin, put themselves at a higher risk of serious internal … [Read more...]

Actos Product Liability Lawsuit in Nevada Continues


Nevada Actos Product Liability Lawsuit Moves Forward In 2013, two Nevada residents filed product liability lawsuits against Takeda Pharmaceuticals because they took Actos to treat their Type 2 diabetes, and then developed bladder cancer. In March of … [Read more...]

Food Recall for Dried Egg Products Expanded

food recall

Food Recall Expanded for Dried Eggs Due to Potential Salmonella Contamination Washington-based Nutriom, LLC, originally issued a Class I food recall for several dried egg products due to a potential salmonella contamination in February of this year. … [Read more...]

SSRIs During Pregnancy Linked to Autism in Boys


Pregnant Women’s Use of SSRIs Linked to Autism in Their Sons A new study has linked the use of SSRI antidepressants in pregnant women to an increased risk of autism in their male children. SSRIs, or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, are a … [Read more...]

Lance Armstrong Names Names in Doping Whistleblower Lawsuit


As Part of Whistleblower Lawsuit, Lance Armstrong Lists Names of Those Who Supported Doping After insisting he would never “rat out” fellow teammates that allegedly supported his doping during his long cycling career, Lance Armstrong filed court … [Read more...]

Feds Say Health Care Info Released to Fight Medicare Fraud

medicare fraud

Federal Government Released Health Care Payment Info to Get Public’s Help with Medicare Fraud On Wednesday, April 9th, the federal government finally released information about payments from Medicare and Medicaid to doctors, and the numbers were … [Read more...]

AndroGel Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits Might Consolidate


Motion Filed to Consolidate AndroGel Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits On March 28th, plaintiffs filed a motion to consolidate all lawsuits against AndroGel, manufactured by AbbVie Inc and Abbott Laboratories, into one multidistrict litigation … [Read more...]

Tuomey Must Pay to Continue Medicare Fraud Appeal

medicare fraud

Federal Judge Says Tuomey Must Come Up with $20 Million to Continue Medicare Fraud Appeal Sumter hospital Tuomey Healthcare Systems must pay $20 million to continue its appeal of the Medicare fraud penalty in two weeks, according to a federal … [Read more...]

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