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VW Owners File Numerous Emissions Class Action Lawsuits

Volkswagen Faces Dozens of Emissions Lawsuits from Upset Owners Please visit our website to see how you can join the VW lawsuit. The most recent in a series of quickly-filed emissions class action lawsuits against Volkswagen came from a couple in Sacramento, CA. This latest class action lawsuit seeks justice on … [Read more...]

SC Senate Advances Medical Marijuana Bill

Senate Panel in South Carolina Advances Updated Medical Marijuana Bill In June last year, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed a very limited medical marijuana bill into law. Although the bill did not offer provisions for growing or processing marijuana as a medical treatment in South Carolina, it was the first small step toward legalizing … [Read more...]

Fatal Injuries Statement Raises Questions About Workers Comp

BLS Releases Data on Fatal Work Injuries for 2014 The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their annual report covering work-related injuries and fatalities for the previous year. While the overall numbers have not changed since 2013, there are some updates based on a growing economy that raise questions about how well the workers comp system … [Read more...]

Two Teens Face Child Porn Charges for Sexting

Teens Face Child Porn Charges After Sending Nude Pictures Two teenagers in Fayetteville, North Carolina, have been charged as adults on child pornography charges. At the time, the two were 16 years old, and took nude selfies and sexted them to each other. Now, they are both 17; but, if they had one year older and caught sexting, they would not … [Read more...]

Dylann Roof’s Friend Faces Criminal Charges for Conspiracy

Friend of Charleston Shooter Arraigned on Criminal Charges A close friend and former roommate of the “Charleston Shooter” Dylann Roof has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and formally charged. Authorities arrested Joseph Carlton Meek on September 18th on federal criminal charges related to obstructing justice after he … [Read more...]

SC High Schoolers Learn Texting and Driving Dangers

Chapin High School First to Host AT&T’s Texting and Driving Assembly in South Carolina Chapin High School became the first, and so far only, school in the state to host an assembly about the dangers of texting and driving. The assembly was sponsored by AT&T as part of the company’s nationwide #ItCanWait campaign, which uses simulations to … [Read more...]

Energy Drinks and Traumatic Brain Injury Linked in Teen Study

Study Finds that Teens with Traumatic Brain Injury Often Drank Energy Drinks Right Before A new study shows that teenagers who suffered a traumatic brain injury in the last year were seven times more likely to report drinking five or more energy drinks in a week, when compared to teens who did not suffer a traumatic brain injury. "Energy drinks, … [Read more...]

Video Captures Police Brutality Against Teenager Who Jaywalked to Catch the Bus

Police Brutality Accusations After CA Teen Tackled for Jaywalking Stockton police officers now face accusations of police brutality after a video of a teenager being tackled just for jaywalking went viral on Wednesday, September 16th. “I felt traumatized,” victim Emilio Mayfield told CBS Sacramento. “I was beaten and slammed on the floor.” The … [Read more...]

GM Faces Federal Wire Fraud Charges for Ignition Switch Scandal

General Motors Charged with Wire Fraud for Failing to Recall Faulty Ignition Switches The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) charged General Motors with wire fraud and other federal criminal charges for the company’s deadly negligence involving a 10-year-delayed vehicle recall for faulty ignition switches, which have been linked to the deaths of … [Read more...]

Dramatic Increase for Motorcycle Deaths in 2015

Traffic Fatalities, Especially Motorcycle Accidents and Deaths, Increase in 2015 Traffic fatalities, particularly fatal motorcycle accidents, in South Carolina rose in 2014, and it looks like they’ve increased exponentially this year. As of the beginning of September, 601 people have died in car accidents across the state – 107 more than last … [Read more...]