Body Camera Bill Passes Unanimously to Prevent Police Brutality

prevent police brutality

SC Legislators Unanimously Pass Body Camera Bill to Prevent Police Brutality After the horrible murder of Walter Scott was filmed and released to the press, South Carolina has been the focus of a huge police brutality scandal. North Charleston police officer Michael Slager was caught shooting Walter Scott, who was unarmed and running away, in the … [Read more...]

Iowa Chiropractor’s Business License Revoked Due to Sex Charges

chiropractor’s business license

Chiropractor’s Business License Revoked Due to Sex Charges, Exorcisms at Practice A man working as a chiropractor in Southern Iowa has had his chiropractor's business license revoked due to exchanging sexual favors with clients, performing exorcisms, telling his patients to stop taking medication prescribed by other doctors, and other practices … [Read more...]

Judge Finds GM Shielded from Faulty Ignition Switch Defect Lawsuits

ignition switch defects

General Motors Protected from Wrongful Death Lawsuits Due to Faulty Ignition Switch Defects On Wednesday, April 15th, a federal judge ruled that the 2009 bankruptcy verdict in which GM received federal funds to restructure the company will protect the automotive manufacturer from wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits claiming that the … [Read more...]

Mother Charged After Son Defends Medical Marijuana in Classroom

medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana Advocate Charged After Son Defends Drug in Classroom Presentation On March 24th, medical marijuana advocate Shona Banda, who lives in Kansas, had her son taken away by Child Protective Services, and her home raided, after her son defended medical marijuana during a classroom presentation. Police and educators were conducting a … [Read more...]

Officer Who Killed Man Had Previous Incidents of Police Brutality

incidents of police brutality

Incidents of Police Brutality Shown to Lead Up to Slaying of Unarmed Suspect in Charleston More and more incidents of police brutality and excessive force are being filmed by suspects and bystanders and released to the internet. The most recent such incident involved North Charleston police officer Michael Slager, who, in the first week of April, … [Read more...]

Divorce Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attack


People Who Divorce Face a Higher Risk of Heart Attack A new study shows that people who divorce at least once are more likely to have a heart attack, and for women, remarriage doesn’t help. Duke University researchers led the study, which looked at 16,000 adults over two decades, and found that those who divorced, at least once, were more likely … [Read more...]

Rapper Nelly Faces Felony Drug Charges in Tennessee

felony drug charges

Nelly Faces Felony Drug Charges in Tennessee but Attorney Says He’ll Be Exonerated On Saturday, April 11th, rapper and reality TV star Nelly was arrested on felony drug charges after a search of his tour bus in Tennessee revealed he carried methamphetamines, a small amount of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. "Approximately 100 small Ziploc bags … [Read more...]

April is National Distracted Driving Month

distracted driving month

The National Safety Council Declares April Distracted Driving Month This year, the National Safety Council has declared April to be National Distracted Driving Month in the US. The hashtag campaign #CallsKill was created as part of the month to help spread information about distracted driving and how deadly it can be as a practice. Last June, … [Read more...]

“Free-Range” Parents Face Child Endangerment Charges Again

child endagnerment charges

Famous Maryland “Free-Range” Parents Sign Safety Plan to Avoid Child Endangerment Charges The Maryland couple who faced threats from Child Protective Services in March this year recently faced further troubles with law enforcement and CPS, and could face child endangerment charges. Danielle and Alexander Meitiv, who became the face for the … [Read more...]

Major Long-Term Care Chain Faces Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

nursing home abuse lawsuit

New Mexico AG Files Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Against Major Skilled Nursing Chain A national nursing home chain now faces a nursing home abuse lawsuit from The New Mexico Office of the Attorney General filed in the first week of April, claiming that staffing problems in particular made decent care at homes run and managed by Preferred Care … [Read more...]