Hazing Victims in South Carolina

hazing victim

South Carolina Hazing Victim Attorneys Hazing is a very real and very serious problem in our society. Whether it’s “Hell Week” at the Citadel, in a fraternity or sorority, in our military, sports teams, or in any number of other groups, hazing happens too often. The results can be deadly when you are a hazing victim. Hazing has been shown to … [Read more...]

Underage Drinking is Law Enforcement Focus at Carolina Cup

underage drinking

Police Officers at Carolina Cup Will Patrol for Underage Drinking and Binge Drinking Midlands South Carolina is home to the Carolina Cup, a grand Southern tradition involving horse racing and formal attire – and, of course, drinking. The event is expected to draw 50,000 spectators on Saturday, but that number could jump to 70,000 if the weather is … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Employees Allege Labor Violations

labor violations

Numerous Labor Violations at McDonald’s Franchises Put Employees at Risk A group fighting for a $15 minimum wage, especially for notoriously low-paid McDonald’s employees, said on Monday, March 16th that it will file a series of health and safety complaints because of numerous labor violations that have put McDonald’s workers at risk of serious … [Read more...]

California Man Sentenced for Healthcare Fraud in SC

healthcare fraud

California Resident Found Guilty of Healthcare Fraud in South Carolina A man from California has been found guilty in Columbia, SC for healthcare fraud and money laundering in connection with a “ghost” medical clinic he set up in South Carolina, which filed more than $1 million in fraudulent Medicare claims. Karo Gotti Blkhoyan, a.k.a. “Gotti,” … [Read more...]

Lack of Death Certificate Could Lead to Social Security Fraud

social security fraud

Social Security Fraud; Taxes, Other Benefits Filed Under Fraudulent Social Security Numbers Without Death Records According to the Social Security Administration, there are 6.5 million Americans who reached the incredible old age of 112. This occurs, in the majority of cases, because there are no extant death records for the social security … [Read more...]

SC Couple Keeps $11.6 Million in Topamax Birth Defect Damages Case


$11.6 Million Award for Topamax Birth Defect Damages Will Not Be Overturned A state Superior Court ruled in Pennsylvania that a South Carolina couple will be able to keep the damages awarded by the jury for birth defects caused by Topamax. Topamax, a drug used to treat epilepsy, has been tied to birth defects in children born to women who took … [Read more...]

Three SC Suspects Face Drug Trafficking and Weapons Charges

drug trafficking

Three South Carolina Residents Arrested for Stolen Firearms, Drug Trafficking Charges North Charleston narcotics investigators have arrested three suspects on conspiracy, drug trafficking, and firearms charges after an investigation revealed the group was trafficking heroin from out of state. Deon Dorsey, 29, was arrested and charged with … [Read more...]

Massive Train & Tractor Trailer Accident in North Carolina

tractor trailer accident

Oversized Tractor Trailer Causes Serious Train Accident in North Carolina A tractor trailer three times normal semi-truck size got stuck at a railroad crossing in North Carolina, which caused a serious and destructive train and tractor trailer accident. The train & tractor trailer accident which occurred on Monday, March 9th, injured 55 … [Read more...]

Officer Fired for Excessive Force Incident Involving Female Inmate

excessive force

Denver Police Officer Fired for Excessive Force Incident After Surveillance Video Leaked After surveillance video showed a 16-year veteran of the Denver police force placed his knee across a female inmate’s neck until she passed out, the officer was fired for “egregiously disproportionate” or excessive force. Former officer James Medina was shown … [Read more...]

“Prom Promise” To Help End Juvenile DUI

Juvenile DUI

“Prom Promise” Demonstration of Juvenile DUI Accident at High School Highlights Dangers Jackson County first responders created a demonstration of a car accident at a local high school as part of Alabama’s “Prom Promise” initiative, which aims to prevent juvenile DUI during the party-heavy prom season this spring. The demonstration is a faked … [Read more...]