Social Security Hits 80 Years Old Amidst Concerns Over Funding

The Debate About Social Security Continues to Rage While the Program Turns 80 Years Old Since President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security program into effect in 1935, $15 trillion in benefits have been paid out to the retired and disabled. The retirement program implemented in 1936 was the first stage.  The survivors’ fund started … [Read more...]

Maine Driver Faces Distracted Driving Charges After Selfie Crash

Rise of Selfies Adds to Distracted Driving Problems Across the U.S. Over the weekend, a driver in Maine injured several of his passengers after he attempted to take a selfie while behind the wheel. He now faces a distracted driving summons. On Saturday, August 29th, 29-year-old Jordan Toner of Hampden was driving himself and several friends … [Read more...]

Video Gambling Business Owner Pleads to Tax Evasion

Magic Minutes Video Gambling Business Owner Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion Charges The owner of Magic Minutes, a notorious video gambling house, has officially pleaded guilty in federal court to tax evasion charges. Although Larry W. Flynn, 40 years old, spent years insisting to police that his machines operated on phone cards and therefore did not … [Read more...]

Can Medical Marijuana Users Fly Across State Lines With Marijuana?

As More States Make Recreational Marijuana Legal, Flying Between States with the Drug Gets Tricky Washington State and Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2012. During the midterm election in 2014, Alaska and Oregon became the next two states to legalize the recreational use of the drug for people over 21 years old. And another … [Read more...]

Two Serious Dog Bite Attacks in SC

Two Dog Bite Attacks in South Carolina Lead to Questions about Liability and Responsibility Two vicious dog bite attacks – one in Greenville and one in Spartanburg – have left two victims seriously injured, while another died. The Greenville incident involved a dog that the family did not expect to become so brutal. "The dog was not aggressive, … [Read more...]

Is Ashley Madison Account Grounds for Divorce?

Divorce Attorneys Across the Country Gear Up for Increase in Cases After Ashley Madison Hack Ashley Madison is a dating service-style site that allows for anonymous cheating among married people. The website was hacked and millions of users’ data – including full names, partial credit card numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses – was … [Read more...]

Student Who Stabbed Bully Acted in Self-Defense

Elementary School Student Who Stabbed Another for Bullying Acted in Self-Defense, Will Not Face Criminal Charges A Horrell Hill Elementary student is facing a criminal investigation after the student stabbed another student at the school. The Richland County Sheriff’s investigators say that the child acted in self-defense after being bullied by … [Read more...]

Marijuana Legalization Increases Driving While Impaired

Driving While Impaired on Marijuana is Difficult to Measure Too many people drive while intoxicated, particularly alcohol. Even a small amount of consumed alcohol can impair a driver enough that their reflexes slow down and the intoxicated driver can cause a crash. According to one survey, 79% of adults interviewed believe that alcohol-related … [Read more...]

General Motors Adds to Massive 2014 Vehicle Recall

General Motors Issues Another Vehicle Recall Covering Same Safety Issues as Massive 2014 Recall 2014 was a rough year for General Motors. After the automobile manufacturer attempted to quietly recall around 300,000 units of 10-year-old vehicles due to a problem with the ignition switch, which could cause serious car crashes, the company found … [Read more...]

“Target Zero” Campaign Aims to End Traffic Accidents

South Carolina Launches “Target Zero” Campaign to End Traffic Accidents and Deaths In 2015, South Carolina has lost 581 people to serious traffic accidents. That number is up 107 fatalities since this time last year. The state consistently sees around 800 people die every year in traffic accidents, whether they are pedestrians, passengers, or even … [Read more...]