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A single moment can last a lifetime. An injury can be physical, emotional, or a combination of the two. A personal injury arises when one person is hurt, disabled, or even killed as a result of the conduct or negligence of another, that’s when you need to call the Strom Law Personal Injury Lawyers.

In a split second, you may become the victim of a life altering accident, leaving you with mounting medical bills, unable to work and care for your family, and forcing to deal with the death of a loved one. If you are the victim of traumatic brain injury, paralysis, or other permanent injury you or a loved one may need lifelong medical care.

Located on N. Beltline Boulevard in Columbia, South Carolina, the skilled personal injury attorneys at the Strom Law Firm, LLC protect the rights of individuals injured through no fault of their own.

At the Strom Law Firm, LLC, our personal injury lawyers understand that your case, your story, is about more than just an accident or physical injury.

It is also about what happened after the accident or injury. It’s about how that accident and those injuries have affected you and your life, and about how they may keep on affecting you in the foreseeable future. It’s about before and after.

As your personal injury attorneys, you can depend not just on our knowledge and understanding of the law, our resources, and our proven ability to secure positive results in personal injury cases. You can depend upon our commitment to telling your story and to securing fair compensation for all the ways you have been affected and will continue to be affected in the future.

While you focus on getting better, we will focus on protecting your rights.

Protecting You After the Accident and For the Future

The Strom Law Firm handles all types of personal injury cases including:

As a firm, we concentrate on:

  • complex personal injury cases resulting in wrongful death or
  • catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), brain damage,
  • spinal cord injuries,
  • burn injuries, and
  • severely broken bones.

Although many of the people we represent in these cases are from right here in South Carolina, our lawyers routinely take clients from throughout the Southeastern U.S. and, in certain types of product liability or pharmaceutical cases, from across the country as well. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident, contact the Strom Law Firm, LLC today for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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