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Cemetery Board  License Defense AttorneysCemetery Board License Defense

If you hold a license to operate a South Carolina Cemetery issued by the South Carolina Perpetual Care Cemetery Board, you should know that professional licensing is a privilege.

We Can Help Defend Your Right to Keep Your Cemetery Board Professional License

If you are under investigation, your professional license is in question. If you have been contacted by an administrative agency such as South Carolina Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (LLR), it is important to have legal representation. The Cemetery License Defense lawyers at the  Strom Law Firm, LLC will represent you during an investigation, before the Perpetual Care Board, and even appeal your case to the South Carolina Administrative Law Court.

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Common complaints filed against Perpetual Care Cemetery Board licensees include:

  • failure to timely file financial reports;
  • failure to timely order and/or install grave markers;
  • failure to maintain the required bond;
  • failure to timely renew a cemetery license;
  • making blatant misrepresentations or knowingly making false promises regarding services;
  • a willful violation of the statutes and/or  regulations governing the practice;
  •  failing to make the required contributions to the care and maintenance trust fund or any other funds required to be established and maintained by the laws of the State of South Carolina.

If a complaint is filed against you, you can expect to hear from an investigator.  Call us before it’s too late.  The Strom Law Firm offers a free consultation to anyone considering hiring private counsel with their Professional License Defense issue. Fill out the contact form on the right side of our page or call 803.252.4800 to schedule a free professional license defense consultation.