Daughter of Kidnapping Suspect Arrested as Accessory

shutterstock_96125912Gabbiee Swainson’s Cell Phone Found in Myrtle Beach, Suspect Arrested in Kidnapping

The daughter of kidnapping suspect Freddie Grant was arrested in June after victim Gabbiee Swainson’s cell phone was found behind a Piggly Wiggly in Myrtle Beach, SC.

According to reports, on June 18th, a delivery driver found Swainson’s cell phone behind a Piggly Wiggly in Myrtle Beach. Sheriff Leon Lott has stated that Dominique Grant, Freddie Grant’s daughter, deliberately placed the cell phone there for the sole purpose of throwing off the investigation. Dominique has been arrested and charged with accessory to kidnapping, and her bond was set at $300,000. She has requested a public defender.

Sheriff Lott stated that he believes Dominique and Freddie Grant worked together to throw off the investigation into Gabbiee Swainson’s kidnapping.

“Both Freddie Grant and Dominique Grant have information on what specifically happened to Gabbiee and are working together to destroy evidence and thwart the investigation,” said Sheriff Leon Lott in a statement.

Dominique Grant has already been chastised for lying when she testified in her father’s federal trial. Freddie Grant is a previously-convicted felon, and when police searched his house with a warrant, they found that he had ammunition in his home which he was not supposed to own. He was arrested on federal gun charges, but his daughter, Dominique, testified that the ammunition belonged to her and she was storing it at his house. However, prosecutors brought forth a phone call in which Freddie Grant told his daughter to lie for him in court. Dominique has not been charged with perjury, but her testimony was deemed unreliable.

The delivery driver who found Gabbiee’s cell phone behind the grocery store turned it over to his niece, who reportedly powered up the phone and used it to call Swainson’s mother. The cell phone was a critical missing piece of evidence in the kidnapping investigation.

Freddie Grant was convicted on federal ammunition charges. Officers did not find sufficient evidence in his home to charge him with kidnapping, but he is currently the only suspect in the case, so the investigation is on-going.

Dominique Grant has pled not guilty to the charges of accessory to kidnapping. She said in court on Thursday, July 11th, that she would “give her life for her father … but not her freedom.”

“If I have to lose my freedom to  find out what happened to her [Gabrielle Swainson], that’s OK,” she added.

Elvia Swainson, Gabbiee’s mother, attended Dominique Grant’s bond hearing.

“I’m always thankful for anything that they can get because my main concern is bringing my child home and that is always where my focus has been. We need Gabbiee to come home and we need anyone who knows anything about the situation to come forward and speak up,” said Swainson.

“This is too long to have information about where my child is and not come forward with it,” she added.

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