Lawsuit Claims NFL Concealed Concussion Dangers

NFL PLayer Lawsuit

Lawsuits involving thousands of former football players affected by concussions and traumatic brain injuries have been merged into one master complaint against the NFL.

The players’ complaint was filed Thursday in federal court in Philadelphia.  The NFL lawsuit alleges that the league fraudulently concealed the long-term effects of head trauma for years, according to WLTX.

Among the illnesses cited were dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The 88-page complaint, obtained in advance by USA TODAY, alleges that the NFL purposefully neglected traumatic brain injury issues through deception and denial, which subsequently put the league’s football players at great risk.

The NFL contends it has always worked hard to promote player safety, that it explained the risks associated with concussions, and that the accusations have no merit.

Helmet-maker Riddell, Inc., was also included in the lawsuit.

The NFL player lawsuit asks the court to order the league to create a court-supervised medical system to monitor players for possible brain injuries.

U.S. District Judge Anita Brody will hear the case – suits filed in several federal courts across the nation have been consolidated into her court.

Brody gave the players’ attorneys until Friday to file the master complaint, and she’s given the league’s attorneys until Aug. 9 to respond to the complaint or file a motion to dismiss the case.

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