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Opticianry and Optometry License Defense

South Carolina Opticianry and Optometry Professional License Defense Attorneys

License DefenseThe practices of opticianry and optometry are governed by statues and regulations in the state of South Carolina. An optometrist or optician may be disciplined by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulations (LLR) for:

These are just a few of a variety of ways that someone can endanger their opticianry or optometry licenses.

Handling an Opticianry or Optometry Board Complaint

A patient, employee, or other medical professional can file a complaint with LLR.  Depending upon the circumstance a complaint can result in a public reprimand, license suspension, or a revocation of the license.  Punishment can also include a hefty fine and further training.

The filing of a complaint does not automatically mean you are guilty of any offense. The LLR investigates any and all claims made including those that might be false. If you believe a complaint has been filed against you, contact a professional licensing attorney to ensure legal rights are protected before it’s too late.

If a complaint is filed against you, an investigator from the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation will contact you. They may be trying to contact you to get your side of the story so he/she can close the case.  Exercise extreme caution when talking with the investigator. Know that whatever you tell the investigator during the course of investigation can be used against you. If an investigator contacts you, you have the right to decline comment until you talk to your attorney.

Losing your license can be legally, financially, and personally damaging. South Carolina professional licensing attorneys can help assist you with any and all steps during the investigation. Contact us for a free consultation before it’s too late.

RPP Referrals

If you have been found guilty of a drug or alcohol related offense you may be referred to the South Carolina Recovering Professionals Program (RPP). The RPP can assess your situation and provide you with treatment and monitoring to get you back to work. The RPP works in conjunction with LRADAC and the LLR.  If you are referred to RPP contact us to discuss the facts of your case and see how we can help.

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