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Pray for Alan Martinez

The Strom Law Firm would like everyone to take a moment and pray for University of South Carolina law student, Alan Martinez.

Mr. Martinez was injured after being hit head on while driving to work Saturday morning. A NC driver was charged with felony DUI and open container after driving the wrong way down I 77 near Blythewood.

Mr. Martinez remains in Palmetto Health Richland’s intensive care unit.

“…One of the people who knew everybody and everybody knew.”

The USC Law community is a tight-knit community. When something happens to one law student, it affects them all. That is why as soon as news spread about a terrible accident involving one of their own, the community came together in support.

Friends and family left USC’s football game upon hearing news of the terrible accident involving Alan Martinez. They knew a football game could wait because their friend needed them now. In the days following the accident, the USC community has come together offering help in any and every way the family may need. Margaret Strom, daughter of Pete Strom, said, “We’ve been doing everything we can to help.”

The USC Law community wanted to support someone who has time and again supported others. “He’s always helping people in any way he could,” Margaret Strom said. She described Mr. Martinez as “one of the people who knew everybody and everybody knew.”

Mr. Martinez, a native of Naples, Fla., just began his second year of law school at the University. He is a graduate of the Air Force Academy and an avid skydiver. Mr. Martinez was on his way to work as skydiving instructor when the accident occurred. Alan Martinez is currently Vice President of the University of South Carolina’s Flying Gamecocks club and has a recorded more than 1,600 leaps out plane, according to the club’s website.

The Martinez family has set up a Facebook page to keep the community up to date on Alan’s recovery. The latest post stated,

“Words fail me at this time in light of the immense gratitude I feel as the outpouring of love and support for Alan’s recovery continues. We are so blessed, there have been so many angels – little angels – dropping off food, running errands, cleaning the house, giving us rides, sitting with us at the hospital … THANK YOU!!! — Alan and Mike’s Mom”

The Strom Law Firm is continually praying for this bright young man. He is already such an asset to the law community. Just like you have done so many times while skydiving, hang in there Alan. Your parachute of supporters will help you every step of the way.



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