Reducing a DUI Charge to Reckless Driving in South Carolina

Can I get my DUI Charge reduced  to Reckless Driving in South Carolina?

The consequences of a DUI conviction are severe.  A drunk driving conviction will affect your driving record, obligate you to obtain SR-22 auto insurance, and may cause you to lose your job, harm your career, or lose your professional license.

Reducing a DUI Charge to Reckless Driving:

The DUI defense attorneys at the Strom law firm treat each case individually and will expose any and all weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

  • Did the officer have a legitimate reason, known as reasonable suspicion, to pull you over in the first place?
  • Did the officer read you your Miranda rights in the breathalyzer room?
  • Did the officer inform you of implied consent?

The DUI lawyers at the Strom law firm will work to establish a strong defense against your drinking and driving charge.  The stronger the defense, the more likely the prosecution will be willing to reduce your charge to reckless driving.  Although a reckless driving conviction may require you to enroll in DUI classes or participate in an alcohol treatment program, this option may preserve your future.

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