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Retail License Revoked for Chester County Restaurant

Chester County Restaurant Closed for Retail License Violations

retail licenseA businessman in Chester County has been accused by the South Carolina Department of Revenue of failing to pay $38,000 in back taxes, and continuing to operate his bar and restaurant without a proper retail license.

The Rock Hill resident was arrested on Wednesday, February 4th, for continuing to operate his restaurant, which included a bar, without a retail license or alcohol beverage license. In December, his retail business license was revoked due to his failure to pay $38,000 in taxes to the SC Department of Revenue. However, the business owner continued to operate despite receiving three notices regarding his retail license’s revocation.

Officials said that the man is legally unable to reopen and operate the wing joint and bar until he regains his retail business license, which would include a proper alcohol beverage license in South Carolina, so that he can continue to serve beer. Reportedly, the suspect has paid a $470 fine for the charge of unlawfully operating his business without a retail license. He also pleaded guilty in court, and was released from jail.

Business and Retail Licenses for Restaurants and Bars in South Carolina

In South Carolina, over forty professions are regulated by the South Carolina Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation (“LLR”). These professions range from nurses to dieticians to accountants. However, if you want to open a restaurant, you must obtain a retail license, and if that restaurant serves alcohol, you must also obtain an alcohol beverage license (ABL).

Regardless of whether you want to operate as a convenience store, grocery store, beer and wine shop, or even as a restaurant, beer and wine licenses are heavily regulated in South Carolina. What you may assume to be a simple automated process to obtain a South Carolina license to sell alcoholic and wine is complicated by forms, complex regulations, and administrative law court rulings.  Numerous South Carolina alcohol and beverage license applications have been initially denied. With regard to those who have obtained a South Carolina beer and wine beverage license, many have had their South Carolina beer and wine licenses suspended or even revoked.

Obtaining your SC Beer and Wine License is just the beginning.  Whether you are operating with an off premises beer and wine license or you operate a restaurant and employ a bartender to serve on premises beer and wine, charges against a South Carolina beer and wine license are common.

The Strom Law Firm Business Attorneys Can Help with Retail Licenses Including ABL

Whether you need a seven day permit, a permit for a special event, or you simply need to obtain a permanent South Carolina ABL license for your business or restaurant, our South Carolina alcohol and beverage license attorneys are here to help. If you need help with a retail license you can contact one of our South Carolina Retail License AttorneysIf obtaining a South Carolina beer and wine license is important to you, our Columbia, South Carolina alcohol and beverage license attorneys offer a free consultation to discuss your legal rights. Let us help guide you through the process. 803.252.4800



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