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Schizophrenia and Social Security Benefits

What You Need to Know

Schizophrenia can qualify for disability under the Social Security Administration. However, in most situations regarding disability claims, a diagnosis alone is not necessarily enough to receive benefits for the mental illness. Your claim must indicate your disability is severe enough that it causes you to be unable to continue working.

Any record detailing the extent of a mental illness condition provided by a medical practitioner will be a crucial element when applying for SSD. Documentation outlining the severity of the illness and a patients inability to work helps to convince the SSA that your condition needs to be considered for compensation.

It is hard to qualify a mental illness as a disability since the condition doesn’t have concrete evidence of existence that an x-ray or blood test could provide. Seeing a physician regularly will help keep track of your condition and make certain that your medical records are accurate and up-to-date.

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