Student Bullying: What Is The School’s Responsibility?

There have been numerous stories in the news recently regarding victims of bullying in schools across our nation. From CNN to the Today Show to Dr. Phil, it seems that everywhere you turn, there is a story about a victim who has been bullied by his or her fellow classmates.

What is Bullying?

A student is being bullied or victimized when exposed, repeatedly over time, to intentional injury or discomfort inflicted by one or more other students.

This may include:

  •  physical contact,
  • verbal assault,
  • making obscene gestures or facial expressions, and
  • being intentionally excluded.

Bullying implies an imbalance in power or strength in which one child is victimized by others.

Statistics indicate that nearly 20% of students in the United States report they were a victim of being bullied.  Shockingly, teachers reportedly only intervene in 4% of bullying incidents.

Bullying Victim Lawsuits
With the number of bullying incidents in schools rising, the question becomes: what is the school’s role and responsibility in preventing student bullying? Further, what is the school’s liability if a student is injured by another student or commits suicide as a result of the bullying?
My next article will look further into these lawsuits in an effort to decipher whathe school’s responsibility is (if any) with regard to bullying victims. Until then, I’d like to know your thoughts.

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