Violent Crime Rate Down For 5th Straight Year Across the Nation

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Violent Crime in the US is down by 4% this yearThe United States is known as many things, one of those being the most violent and dangerous countries in the world.  However, according to a new report released by the FBI earlier this week, the U.S. has almost never been a safer place to live.

The FBI stated in their report on June 18 that violent crime dropped across the nation for the fifth straight year, this time by 4 percent.

The report which pulled information from 14,000 law enforcement agencies from Florida to Hawaii reported that violent crimes dropped in all four major US regions:

  • 4.7 percent in the West,
  • 4.9 percent in theMidwest(a region where the murder rate actually rose slightly), 4.5 percent in the South, and
  • 0.8 percent in the Northeast.

The national murder rate dropped approximately 1.9 percent.

 Property and White Collar Crimes

Car thefts and larceny also decreased across the country; however there was a slight increase in burglaries in all regions except for the South.

With the U.S. in its worst economic state since the Great Depression, criminologists say they are confused since crime usually increases exponentially during rough times.

With that being said, there have been a lot of improvements in US policing, and sentencing laws that deter people from committing crimes.

However, even as crime rates are approaching record lows, some officials say there is some cause for concern.

Violent Crimes Coming to an End?

A large number of violent and property crimes in the second half of 2011 partially offset the numbers, causing criminologists like James Alan Fox of Northeastern University in Boston to suggest that the nation may be coming to “the end of the trough” in violent crime.

In locations where individuals tend to know their neighbors more intimately, there are indications that communal solidarity may have begun to slip.

For example, the murder rate in towns with 10,000 or fewer people spiked last year, increasing by 18 percent.

At the same time, some officials say that may be a statistical anomaly, since the violent crime rate in small town America dropped by 23 percent just the year before, in 2010.

The last time the crime rate for serious crimes including murder, rape, robbery and assault fell to these levels, gasoline was 29 cents a gallon and the average income for a working American was $5,807.  That was in 1963.  Click here for more statistics.




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