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Another Settlement in W.Va. Concert Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A father of a Mt. Pleasant woman killed at a West Virginia music festival settled another wrongful death lawsuit stemming from the case. wrongful death

Previous Settlements

Strom Law Firm recently blogged about several wrongful death lawsuits filed by the family of Nicole Miller. Miller died resulting from a 2011 accident in which a truck struck her tent at the All Good Music Festival. Two other women sustained injuries resulting from the accident.

The truck driver settled a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Nicole Miller’s father, Kim Miller.  The driver also settled personal injury lawsuits filed by the two other women injured in the incident. The settlement states the driver, Clay Lewin, is to pay $300,000 in compensation for Nicole’s death to her father. He also must pay both injured victims $100,000 each.
New Settlements

According to WIS, Kim Miller also recently reached a tentative agreement with the defendants involved in the other wrongful death lawsuits stemming from the music festival accident.

Miller reached a tentative settlement with:

  • Walther Productions and its principal, Tim Walther, based out of Maryland
  • Marvin Huggins and Marvin’s Mountaintop campground located near Masontown, W.Va
  • Promoters Junipa Contento and James Tobin

The most recent motion does not specify how much each defendant is to pay in regards to the settlement.

Miller’s other lawsuits with several parking and security companies are still pending.

South Carolina Wrongful Death Lawyers

The South Carolina Wrongful Death Lawyers at the Strom Law Firm represent the families of deceased loved ones against individuals or companies responsible for the death of their loved one. Many wrongful death lawsuits settle out of court for an amount that considered favorable by both parties. In some instances, both parties may not be able to reach an agreement and the wrongful death suit will go to trial.

The Strom Law Firm represents plaintiffs in and out of the courtroom. We will stand by your side and assist you during settlement and/or court proceedings. We understand losing a loved one is hard, and added medical expenses and funeral expenses does not make it any easier. We will fight on behalf of your deceased loved one to gain the compensation your family deserves from those responsible for your loved one’s death. Call us today or fill out a web form to see how we can help you and your family. 803.252.4800.



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