Elderly SC Woman Charged with Running Illegal Gambling Operation

South Carolina Senior Citizen Ran An Illegal Gambling Operation Out of Her Home

As the South Carolina House of Representatives deliberates a bill defining sweepstakes machines as illegal gambling devices, a 73-year-old woman has been arrested for running an illegal gambling operation out of her home.

A Crimestoppers tip informed the Richland County Sheriff’s department that the woman, Betty Graham, was running the operation in her home on Stone Street.

When officers investigated the house, they found seven illegal gambling machines, a .38 revolver, about $6,600 in cash, and a jar with a small amount of marijuana.

Officers also found that Graham kept a meticulous business ledger, with details about payouts, who she owed money to, and how much money she made.

Graham has been charged with operating a gambling house, and simple possession of marijuana. She has been transported to the Alvin S. Glenn detention center to await a bond hearing. It is currently unknown if she has a lawyer.

South Carolina’s Illegal Gambling Laws Are Strict

Historically, gambling has been a problem in South Carolina. Both citizens and lawmakers are constantly concerned about the effects of gambling on neighborhoods. The bill to redefine sweepstakes machines as illegal video gambling devices highlights this concern.

South Carolina has detailed laws about illegal gambling operations in the state. For example, if you are arrested for running an illegal gambling operation out of your home, you could face a year in prison and a $2,000 fine, for every offense. Anyone who sells property with the knowledge that it will be used for an illegal gambling operation will be fined $1,000 and imprisoned for one year.

The Strom Law Firm Prosecutes Operators of Illegal Gambling Machines

Strom Law Firm was one of the first law firms to bring suits against the video poker industry in the late 1990s seeking to recover gambling losses. Since that time, Strom Law Firm has litigated a couple of video poker cases, including a case against a local Columbia restaurant.

With the new influx of video gaming machines, citizens face substantial financial and personal losses. South Carolina has several laws in place to protect gamblers and their families from the financial ruin that their gambling addiction can cause.

A family or relative may file suit anytime within one year from the time the money is lost gambling. If you or a family member has lost money in video poker within the last year, you may have legal rights, and should contact a lawyer immediately. The attorneys at the Strom Law Firm have experience with illegal gambling cases, as part of state criminal defense. We offer a free consultation to discuss the facts of your case. To have a lawyer evaluate your case, please call us at 803.252.4800. Do not let illegal gambling charges ruin your future.



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