Grand Jury Investigations

shutterstock_566675023The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution requires the use of a Grand Jury investigation to indict and individuals for federal felony charges. An individual can chose to waive their right to a grand jury investigation if they wish.

  • Size of a Grand Jury: A federal Grand Jury is composed of no less than 16 individuals and no more than 23 individuals.
  • Grand Jury Subpoenas:  A federal Grand Jury has the power to issue subpoenas for documents and for persons. If you receive a subpoena, and are called to testify before a federal Grand Jury or called to produce documents to the Grand Jury you should contact a lawyer first. Strom Law Firm, LLC has lawyers experienced in assisting individuals and corporations with federal Grand Jury investigations and subpoenas.
  • Types of Federal Grand Juries: There are two types of federal Grand Juries, regular and special. Regular Grand Juries investigate indictments handed down by the prosecutor, while special Grand Juries investigate organized crime. Regular grand juries decide if there is enough evidence present to proceed with charges against an organization. Special grand juries do the same, but they also spend a lot time investigating possible criminal activity.
  • Grand Jury Rooms: Grand Jury hearings are not public. All Grand Jury proceedings are secret, unless asked to disclose in court. This secrecy not only protects grand jurors from outside information, but also protects witnesses and the accused. A Grand Jury witness can talk about his or her own testimony outside the courtroom, but cannot talk about anyone else’s. The only testimony given out during trial proceedings is the testimony given by witnesses on behalf of the prosecutor. This information is dispersed to the defendant.
  • Why you need a criminal defense lawyer: A criminal defense lawyer cannot accompany you into a federal grand jury room; they can however, be present outside of the room. A witness in a federal Grand Jury investigation may step out the room at any time to consult with their attorney. If you receive a subpoena to appear as a witness in a Grand Jury proceeding, a lawyer can fight for you to have immunity, therefore not incriminating yourself.

The criminal defense lawyers at the Strom Law Firm, LLC provide an aggressive, well-planned defense. We will fight to have your charges reduced or even dismissed.  Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss the facts of your situation and to hear how we can help.