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Lexington County Officials Crack Down on Illegal Gambling For A Month

Illegal Gambling Machines Seized by  Lexington County Police Illegal gambling

In the most recent police seizure of gambling machines in Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, narcotics investigators rounded up five illegal gambling machines in a bar. They worked in cooperation with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

The Rags to Riches Bar on Sunset Boulevard housed five illegal gambling machines, which Lexington County officers seized on Thursday, December 20th.

According to reports, officers recovered two Jungle King video gambling devices one Monkey Land video gambling device, one Crazy Bug video gambling device, and one Ticket Master video gambling device. They also took $1,027 in cash from the premises.

Officers said they received a tip that there were illegal gambling machines inside the business. After they received the tip, a magistrate determined that the devices were illegal – South Carolina law states that a magistrate must make that call on each individual device.

Lexington County Officials Have Seized Hundreds of  Video Poker Machines Recently

Illegal gambling includes video gambling in South Carolina
Illegal gambling includes video gambling in South Carolina

These five illegal gambling machines are only five in a month-long crack-down in Lexington County. On December 19th, just two days prior to the most recent bust, SLED and Lexington County officers used a four-month-old tip from WIS News, which showed secret recordings of a Lexington County councilman discussing locations of gambling machines in the county.

That specific bust led to the seizure of eight illegal gambling machines, including Pace-O-Matic cabinet-style illegal video gambling device was being operated at a Kwik Way convenience store on Augusta Road. Investigators also received information that Pot-O-Gold cabinet-style illegal video gambling devices were operated at an unmarked office space on Airport Boulevard; officers found that five illegal video gambling devices were being operated in the office space and seized them, as well as $302 in cash. Patrons of the gambling machines in the office space were not subtle – they had a fridge with beers, as well as take-out menus from a nearby bar.

In addition, investigators received information that Pot-O-Gold table-top and cabinet-style illegal video gambling devices were being operated at a Bar on St. Andrews Road near Irmo. Investigators found two video gambling devices at the bar and seized the devices.

The most impressive bust was in near-by Spartanburg County. The Sheriff’s office seized 360 gambling machines on one man’s property. James Christopher Byars, 29, was arrested and charged with unlawful possession and operation of slot, video, vending machines or gambling devices.

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