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How Are Trucking Accidents Different From Car Accidents?

Despite making up only 5% of the vehicles on America’s roads, large trucks are responsible for nearly 10% of all road fatalities.

Every year, millions of dollars in settlements are paid out by trucking companies and their insurers to the victims of accidents involving tractor-trailers. With profit being a key motive of the trucking companies, however, they have every reason to try and limit settlement amounts. 

Thankfully, truck accident lawyers can help maximize settlements, thanks to years of experience with large trucking companies and knowledge of how these tragedies differ from car accidents.

What Factors Influence Injuries and Fatalities in Trucking Accidents?

While size and weight are the leading factors in increased injuries and fatalities in accidents involving heavy trucks, there are other variables at play.

Blind Spots

The massive size of semi trucks means they have difficulty seeing things that are behind them or beside them. While everyone loves to point the finger at truck drivers, passenger vehicle drivers are often the ones whose poor driving awareness can lead to blind spot accidents. 

It is critical to always give large trucks plenty of room, especially if you are behind them or passing them. Don’t hesitate to give a friendly honk of your horn or flash your lights to let a truck know you intend to pass them. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll stay safe. Truck drivers are only human, and can only focus on so many things at a time.

Braking distance

Being ten times the size of America’s largest pickup trucks means that fully loaded semi trucks need much more time to slow down. Many trucking fatalities occur when a passenger vehicle underestimates the speed of an approaching truck and pulls out in front of them. 

In these situations, a truck driver has milliseconds to react, and there is only so much that can be done to bring an iceberg on wheels to a standstill from seventy-five miles per hour. Many truck accidents are caused by tire failure, as well, exacerbating this problem.

Injury Severity

Vehicle safety technology has come a long way, and things like crumple zones, side impact airbags, and automated avoidance systems have done a lot to minimize fatalities. Nevertheless, all of the life-saving technology in the world can only do so much against the speed and weight of a tractor-trailer. The nature of semi trucks often leads to severe and devastating injuries. 

Trucking Accident Attorneys Are Here to Help

If you or a loved one has been involved in a trucking accident, the trucking accident lawyers at Strom Law are standing by to help you win your case. 

After an accident, trucking companies can ask for accident reports, as can your lawyer. A seasoned trucking attorney will contact witnesses, gather vital evidence, and make sure your voice is heard. Let Strom Law help you collect the largest settlement possible!




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