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The Columbia Same-Sex Custody Lawyers of Strom Law Firm LLC are award-winning litigators. Contact us today so that we can help you determine the most appropriate course of action to take relating to your same-sex custody issues.

In South Carolina, same-sex family law is a new area of practice. While on its face, same-sex custody should be handled like any other custody battle, but there are additional and unique issues that a South Carolina Family Court Lawyer may need to address.

Child custody legal issues that arise from surrogacy and adoption add complexity to same-sex custody arrangements that are not present in cases of opposite-sex couples and their biological children. Our Divorce Lawyers can help.

Same-Sex Custody Issues

The Same-Sex Custody Lawyers at the Strom Law Firm in Columbia SC, provides helpful, informed legal advocacy in same-sex divorce and same-sex child custody cases. The Strom Law Firm can assist you in protecting your legal rights by addressing important questions like:

    • How will custody and, if applicable, child support be worked out?
    • How will visitation work?
    • What is the relationship between child custody and child support?Same-Sex Custody Lawyers
    • What if my child was adopted?
  • What if my child was from a previous marriage or relationship?
  • Is biological parentage a factor in my custody case?
  • Was there an in vitro process or surrogacy?
  • What if both are legal parents?
  • What if only one person is the legal parent?
  • Can a court take away my rights if I was previously married to someone of the opposite sex?
  • Can my case be resolved outside of court or in mediation?

Same Sex Custody  Lawyers at the Strom Law firm

Every custody case is different and should be evaluated carefully. It is important to obtain proper legal advice before pursuing any course of action in a custody matter.

Searching for an LGBT family lawyer or LGBT child custody attorney? Call the Strom Law Firm 803-252-4800 to discuss your case. We are located in Barrister Hall 6923 N. Trenholm Rd, Columbia  SC 29206-1707

Columbia Same-Sex Custody Lawyers