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Seizure Disorders and Social Security Disability Benefits

What You Need to Know

For a claimant who suffers from frequent seizures, in order to be consider for disability benefits they must meet certain criteria that outlines how seizures are evaluated. Qualifications include the frequency of seizures (occurring more frequently than once a month), the details of a typical seizure pattern as well as other specific factors that indicate that a person is unable to work as a result.

Keep in mind that these conditions must occur in the event that the claimant is taking the prescribed medications as directed by their health care provider. Failure to take the medication properly, if at all, will result in a denied application.

Blood tests are used to evaluate the use of medication. If tests show the medication is not being taken as directed, the history of frequent seizures will make it difficult to prove you meet the necessary qualifications.

Seizure frequency is also hard to “officially” monitor as many episodes of seizures go without documentation if a trip to the emergency room is not taken.

To make a better case for a seizure Social Security Disability benefits claim, a written record of every seizure episode will prove to be very useful in your application process. Logging the details of the seizure combined with a signed testimony from someone who witnessed the seizure will help demonstrating to the Social Security Administration the frequency of your seizures.

It’s hard to meet the qualifications for seizures if you are receiving proper medical treatment and using it correctly. However, there are many limitations that are associated with this disorder that can make you a potential qualifier. Not being able to drive or work with machinery may be some limitations.

With the help of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney, you have a better chance at getting your claim approved. The lawyers at the Strom Law Firm, LLC are willing and able to help you during this process, to help you get the benefits you deserve. Call our office today for a free consultation, 803-252-4800 and see how we can assist you when applying for SSD benefits.

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