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Our birth injury lawyers at the Strom Law Firm are familiar with litigating South Carolina personal injury cases and can often help victims recover substantially more compensation than they would be able to retain on their own, so it is highly advisable for anyone injured in a child birth accident to discuss their options with one of our birth injury lawyers. Our birth injury lawyers can review your birth injury and help you determine the best way to move forward with your medical malpractice case.

A birth injury caused by a mistake or negligence during the birthing process can change your life forever. A birth injury can leave you with the added expenses of therapy, nursing care, and medication. A medical mistake during pregnancy can require surgery, 24-hour care, and recurrent medical problems and may leave you worrying about how to best care for your child. Birth injury cases and medical malpractice may also result in injury to your child.

A birth injury may occur when a physician does not react sufficiently to signs of a patient’s distress or when care is not provided correctly during pregnancy or the delivery process. These accidents may result in overwhelming effects on the mother and/or child. Working with a birth injury lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve for your birth injuries.


Some birth injuries that may occur as a result of substandard care also known as medical malpractice include:

  • Pediatric Bone fractures
  • Bruising and skin irritationBirth Injury Lawyers
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Infections
  • Brain Damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Brachial Plexus Injury
  • Erbs Palsy

The reason for these birth injuries and accidents vary from patient to patient and greatly depends on the method of delivery, whether it’s vaginal or a C-section. Birth injuries include things such as pediatric bone fractures, which may be caused by a doctor or midwife using too much force–either by pulling or twisting too hard while trying to extract the child. In extreme cases, this can also cause problems such as nerve damage, leading to paralysis or reduced nerve function in the arm, shoulder, or hands. These severe nerve birth injuries of the upper limbs can cause what is known as Erb’s Palsy, which is typically a result of an injury to the brachial plexus, a bundle of nerves that run from the spine through your shoulder to control the arms and hands. Because of the lifelong effects of these birth injuries, the compensation that may be awarded with the help of a medical malpractice attorney can be substantial. Our personal injury attorneys at Strom Law have experience with various types of nerve damage cases, along with other birth injury lawsuit cases. 

Another common reason for birth injuries resulting in nerve damage is medical staff mishandling or misusing medical equipment such as forceps or vacuum suction used to remove blood or fluids during delivery. Forceps may cause pinching of nerves, leading to nerve damage like facial paralysis or other types of palsy. Vacuum suction applied incorrectly could cause damage to the lungs, mouth, eyes, or ears of the child due to negative pressure changes on these delicate parts of the body; accidents and birth injuries like these unfortunately occur more often than many medical professionals would like to admit. Birth and delivery injury can occur unexpectedly with unforeseen consequences.

Additional Causes of Child Birth Injury Cases

The most severe injuries can be caused not by a doctor mishandling your child or medical devices, but by a failure to recognize when something is very wrong. This can be caused by inattention to fetal heart rate monitors for the child or mother. Medical professionals are trained to recognize when your child is in distress during the delivery process, and serious situations such as the wrapping of the umbilical cord around the child’s neck may call for an immediate C-section. Failure to expedite the removal of the child can cause life-threatening injuries, such as brain damage and even death, to occur in just minutes if the supply of oxygen to the child’s brain is not quickly restored. As hospitals around the world become more short-staffed, negligence-related birth injury is becoming a more prevalent problem and causing more birth injuries.

Lastly, another rising problem in hospitals across the world is infections, and often, a person is much more likely to catch these antibiotic-resistant infections while hospitalized than in the outside world. Failure on the part of medical staff to recognize symptoms of distress in the child as a sign of infection–such as changes in blood pressure and body temperature–can allow ample time for the infection to spread. Depending on the location and severity of the infection, the consequences can be devastating to your child. Birth injury is not limited to the injuries mentioned here. There are a variety of other medical malpractice instances and accidents that can happen during delivery. If you experienced any of these accidents or birth injuries during your pregnancy, you can contact a birth injury lawyer to get help with your negligence birth injury case.

Birth Injury Consequences

Unfortunately, most birth injuries do not painlessly fade away within a few years. The majority of birth injuries continue to affect children for the rest of their life. That means your child will be dealing with the physical and emotional effects of these birth injuries for decades. There will likely be a significant amount of pain and discomfort. The injury may even affect your child’s ability to attend college or earn a living in South Carolina.

Birth injuries also lead to severe medical bills. The cost of treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, or lifetime care for a birth injury will add up quickly. The medical malpractice lawyers at the Strom Law Firm, L.L.C. want to help you and your children with this burden. A birth injury lawyer will review your birth injury lawsuit and fight for your South Carolina case.

Importance of Hiring Birth Injury Attorneys for Your Case

When you or your baby suffers a birth injury during delivery, you may be entitled to compensation by the responsible parties–this is where a birth injury lawyer comes in handy. A birth injuries lawyer will help you to file a successful case against the responsible medical practitioner or hospital in court and pursue it to a satisfactory end.

Unless you’re a qualified personal injury attorney, you need someone who understands the intricacies of the birth injury law to represent you in court. A good birth injury lawyer understands the law and how they can apply it to get you maximum compensation for your birth injury. Birth injury attorneys know how much each birth injury claim is worth and how to make sure you get it.

When you’re quantifying the amount of compensation you deserve for your birth injuries, you have to consider all essential elements of the case. These elements affect the overall value of a settlement; therefore, you need qualified and experienced birth injury attorneys to analyze all the intricacies of your claim and determine how much the birth injury is worth.

If you are seeking compensation from an insurance company, you’ll rely on your attorney’s understanding of the law to pursue reparation successfully. Legal processes can be overwhelming and complex, especially when you’re pursuing individuals or companies that are unwilling to accept their responsibility for the injuries. But with a personal injury attorney who knows the law, you can hold everyone involved in the malpractice birth injury mess accountable.

Furthermore, confronting the insurance company directly without an attorney is risky and daunting because the company has the knowledge and resources to influence the outcome of the case. Every insurance company’s objective when dealing with a claim is to ensure their interests are fully protected.

So, going it alone increases your risk of getting the least amount of compensation. But with a qualified and experienced attorney, your interests will be well protected because they’ll fight it out in and out of court with insurance agents–thus, increasing your odds of getting fully compensated for your birth injury.

You’re supposed to pay your personal injury lawyer a certain percentage of the settlement. So, they risk not getting paid if they mishandle your claim. This motivates your medical malpractice lawyer to work harder and ensure that you get everything you deserve. In most instances, birth injury cases don’t make it to trial because they’re settled out of court.

Your attorney will help you to take the case to trial where you stand a better chance of getting full compensation. Very few insurance companies want their cases to make it to trial because their chances of protecting their interests diminish significantly. You also need a qualified and experienced lawyer to help you gather enough strong evidence that will prove your birth injury case.

A good lawyer knows what to look for and how to question witnesses to gather useful information about the birth injury that you can present in court. If the doctor or hospital refuses to hand over medical records that will support your claim, your lawyer knows the steps they should take to make them provide the right information.

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If a loved one has been injured or died as a result of a birth injury or medical malpractice, the South Carolina birth injury lawyers at the Strom Law Firm, LLC. may be able to help. We are committed to securing fair compensation for birth injuries including wrongful death.

While you focus on taking care of your loved one, our birth injury attorneys will focus on protecting your rights. Whether you’ve experienced birth injuries, medical malpractice, or other accidents, a personal injury lawyer can help. Our job as your birth injury attorneys is to protect you and your child by working to hold medical staff responsible for medical malpractice and get you the compensation you deserve for your birth injury.

Although many of the people we represent in these birth injury cases are from right here in South Carolina, our birth injury lawyers frequently take clients from all over the Southeastern U.S. and, in certain cases, from across the country. If you or your child has been injured or been wrongfully killed from birth injury, contact a South Carolina birth lawyer and wrongful death attorneys at the Strom Law Firm, LLC today for a free, no-cost consultation today. 803.252.4800

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