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Health care fraud results from an individual defrauding an insurer or government health care program. Health Care Fraud encompasses a variety of fraudulent acts.

These acts include:

  • Billing for services not provided; this usually involves the billing of services not provided by the physician or medical official to the patient.
  • Upcoding of services; this usually involves the billing for services more expensive than the services actually provided.
  • Upcoding of items; this is similar to upcoding of services but involves the upselling of medical equipment.
  • Duplicating claims; this typically involves the changing of a date on a claim and rebilling for the same services provided, just using a different date.
  • Unbundling; this typically involves the billing of services separately, resulting in a higher payout than if it was billed together.
  • Excessive services; this includes the billing of services and equipment greater than the level of actual services required.
  • Unnecessary services; this involves the billing of services that were not necessary for the condition being treated.
  • Kickbacks; this involves the receiving of gifts or services by the doctor or medical professional to entice the use of specific medical services or drugs.

Health Care Fraud LawyersThe FBI estimates healthcare fraud costs the United States upwards of $80 billion a year. The FBI is the primary investigator of health care fraud claims.

Health care fraud charges can have a lasting impact on both your personal and professional life. Stiff penalties can result from being convicted of health care fraud. These penalties can include imprisonment and fines of millions of dollars.

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