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If you or a loved one are being investigated or charged with an Antitrust crime in South Carolina, you need experienced Antitrust lawyers who will fight to protect your rights. Pete Strom, the former United States Attorney for South Carolina and the attorneys at the Strom Law Firm, LLC, handle all criminal charges, practicing in courts throughout South Carolina, and we provide an aggressive and proactive defense to every client we represent.

Antitrust laws are laws used to regulate anti-competitive behavior in business, as well as regulate unfair business practices. The government maintains these strict antitrust laws to limit the control of one company over the market. Essentially, the US government is preventing the formation of large monopolies.

If the government is investigating you or your business for antitrust violations, contact an experienced South Carolina Antitrust  Lawyers at the Strom Law Firm today. Being found guilty of antitrust violations is no minor offense. Antitrust violations are felonies and could mean hefty fines and stiff penalties, including imprisonment.

Antitrust law violations can happen to anyone. You do not have to have a big business to be charged with antitrust violations. What you may see as business negotiations between your business and another, the government may view these negotiations to be antitrust violations.


South Carolina Federal Antitrust Violation Law

The South Carolina Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys at Strom Law Firm, LLC, are well equipped to defend personal and business interests in white-collar criminal matters and regulatory violations.  The FBI refers to white-collar crimes as “those illegal acts that are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust, and which are not dependent on the application or threat of physical force or violence. Individuals and organizations commit these acts to obtain money, property, or services; or to secure personal or business advantage.” White-collar crime is common, and many people accused of white-collar crime have no prior experience with the judicial system.

As government regulation of business and industry increases, developing measures that comply with the law becomes more important and more difficult. Recent government initiatives expose business interests to further scrutiny by creating incentives for whistleblower complaints.

Charges of this nature are severely damaging, both personally and professionally.

As a result, your case will be handled with the greatest discretion, and every viable strategy will be explored to ensure a favorable outcome.   While every attempt will be made to resolve your situation outside a public courtroom, we will not hesitate to fight for your rights in court if negotiations do not yield a resolution that meets your approval.

The Strom Law Firm, LLC’s practice involves the representation of defendants and witnesses in federal and state investigations, trials, and appeals. White-collar clients include politicians, business professionals, and top executives.

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Just because you are being investigated does not mean you are guilty. A South Carolina Antitrust Violations Lawyer at the Strom Law Firm, LLC will fight tirelessly to defend you against antitrust violations. Founded in 1996 by a former US Attorney, we know what it takes to defend crimes not only on a state level but also on a federal level as well. We are here to help you. Contact an experienced South Carolina criminal defense attorney at the Strom Law Firm today for a free consultation. 803.252.4800

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