Can a Tax Attorney Negotiate With the IRS?

Tax debts and threats of an IRS investigation can be acutely stressful, but there are opportunities to secure a formal arrangement to relieve pressure and avoid escalation or even prosecution. With our accomplished tax attorneys in Columbia, South Carolina, Strom Law can help you navigate negotiations with the IRS and achieve a favorable conclusion, representing your interests at each stage of the process.

If you are unsure of the programs available to pause enforced collections of back taxes or find yourself in a difficult position and unable to pay your tax obligations, please get in touch at your convenience.


How Can an Attorney Help With Tax Issues?

Thousands of people experience problems or disputes with their tax liabilities. We can assist in numerous scenarios, whether you are still determining whether your stated debt is correct or cannot pay the requested amount.

You may have experienced financial setbacks, become too far behind on your tax payments to catch up, or have received a tax bill much higher than anticipated. Contacting the IRS can be challenging and is normally inadvisable in the first instance since you may inadvertently incriminate yourself or use misinterpreted terminology.

The best way forward is to contact one of Strom Law’s experienced tax attorneys to get to grips with your circumstances and decide the most suitable solutions.

How much does a tax lawyer cost? Overall costs will depend on the situation, level of negotiation required, and nature of your tax troubles. Still, reducing your tax bill, providing closure, and helping you return to financial stability are extremely worthwhile. Ignoring IRS demands or avoiding repeat phone calls and letters will exacerbate the situation, so we recommend making contact as quickly as possible to explore potential resolutions.


What Can A Lawyer Do to Resolve IRS Tax Disputes?

As your legal representative, your attorney can act on your behalf and take over negotiations and discussions with the IRS to support your case and put forward motions and petitions for resolution. Many people with extensive back taxes are unaware that a tax attorney can help and find trying to handle the situation without specialist advice overwhelming.

Negotiating with the IRS commands an extensive knowledge of tax legislation and the ability to propose solutions that will satisfy the tax office while complying with your financial ability to repay. There are several possible resolutions, but it is essential you select the right routes to take, ensuring you are eligible and the outcome meets your expectations.

Potential options can include:

  • Negotiating deferred tax payment plans
  • Pausing collections while negotiations are finalized
  • Submitting offers in compromise to reduce the repayable balance
  • Support and representation during a tax audit
  • Filing for penalty abatement to remove incorrect penalties
  • Reducing levies on your bank account or paycheck garnishments
  • Addressing complex cases with undeclared back taxes

Most tax attorney clients do not realize that negotiations are permissible and that a skilled lawyer can reduce their tax burden, often by a significant margin.

Please speak with one of our tax attorney team before you respond to IRS payment demands, or attempt to negotiate your tax balance directly.

Can a Tax Lawyer Help With State Taxes?

You may be dealing with an overload of tax liabilities, with IRS tax collectors on your doorstep and increasingly urgent demands for state taxes to be paid. Exact processes are state-specific, so it is important to hire a local South Carolina tax lawyer to support you

We can deal with complex cases, even if you have multiple years of unfiled tax returns, a substantial tax debt, or other concerns that mitigate your ability to reach parity on your overall tax obligations. Our attorneys can help to reduce tax penalties, negotiate affordable payment plans, safeguard your assets from possession and give you professional advice to help you regain your peace of mind.

There is no easy way to resolve issues with back taxes, and the IRS or state tax office will not give up. It is far preferable to address your tax matters head-on. The longer the situation continues, the more anxiety it may cause. Strom Law is on hand to help and can get off to a running start by consulting on the issues you are dealing with and compiling a robust strategy to reach a solution. 




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