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Cassatt Road Chevrolet SUV Rollover Accident Kills 37 Year Old Cassatt Woman

According to the State Newspaper, a rollover accident that occurred on Cassatt Road in Kershaw County last night claimed the life of 37-year-old Cassatt woman who has not yet been identified.

According to the report, the vehicle, identified as a Chevrolet SUV, drove off the right side of Cassatt road in a left-turning curve approximately six miles north of Camden.

After leaving the road, the SUV struck the pole of a caution arm at a railroad crossing. The SUV then overturned onto the tracks. The victim, who was ejected during the accident, has died. There were no passengers.

SUVS are a common and popular mode of transportation. While there is no indication from the article regarding how fast the victim was going or what led her to go off of the road, statistics show that sports utility vehicles are approximately three times more likely to flip than a sedan.

As consumers, we drive SUVS because we believe them to be safe, reliable cars and trust companies like Chevrolet to develop and provide us with transportation that will protect us in the event of an accident.

Despite our sense of security, statistics show that sports utility vehicles are approximately three times more likely to flip than a sedan.

Contrary to common perception, most SUV rollovers occur in single car accidents, and many occur while simply responding to an ordinary road hazard resulting in injuries and deaths that could have been prevented.

The problem with SUVs is that their high center of gravity and narrow track width which can lead the auto to become unstable on the road and more likely to flip, even during a normal response where a driver is forced to change lanes quickly, swerve or otherwise respond to an emergency situation.

Despite creation for off road driving, most SUVs are not equipped with roll over bars, roof crush protection, or even an adequate safety system to which possibly could have prevented this loss.

Manufacturers should be responsible for manufacturing SUVs equipped to deal with everyday road hazards.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim.

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