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Coronavirus Nursing Home Attorneys

Do You Need Experienced Coronavirus Nursing Home Attorneys To Assist With Your Coronavirus Claim

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury or death, let the  Coronavirus Nursing Home Attorneys at the Strom Law Firm help get you the compensation you deserve.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected millions of people worldwide.  American cases are growing at an exponential rate, surpassing 1 million. The disease seems to have the largest impact on the elderly and immunocompromised, but no group has been completely resistant to its effects.  A heartbreaking number of people have died from this disease already, and the numbers increase on a daily basis. In South Carolina, the first reported death occurred in a long-term care facility.

Have Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities Protected You and Your Loved Ones From Infection And Wrongful Death from the Coronavirus?Coronavirus Nursing Home Attorneys

During these uncertain times, questions have been raised surrounding how nursing, rehabilitation, and long-term care facilities have responded and will continue to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

The best Coronavirus Nursing Home Attorneys agree that those with loved ones in a nursing home or residential care facility should stay informed during these uncertain times. Some questions for your loved one’s care facility include:

  • What risk of infection exists for my loved one who is a resident of a long-term care facility?
  • Have nursing homes and long-term care providers taken reasonable steps to ensure their residents were not infected?
  • Have nursing homes and long-term care providers taken reasonable steps to quarantine those residents and staff who have been infected?
  • Are skilled nursing and residential care facilities outfitted with adequate personal protective equipment?
  • Have residential care facilities put in place additional safety and sanitary requirements for their staff to reduce the likelihood of contamination?
  • Have residential care facilities ensured that skilled nursing practices are being followed in caring for residents?
  • Have nursing homes and long-term care providers put in place additional safety measures for any visitors to the facility to reduce potential exposure?
  • Did the residential care facility recognize that its residents were at heightened risk?
  • When the risk became clear, what steps did the facility take?

Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities Should Have Taken Precautions

Residents in over 400 American long-term care facilities have tested positive for COVID-19.  From the onset of the pandemic, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities have been at heightened risk due to the age of their residents.  Every facility should know and should have known since reporting began, that the heightened risk of its residents required extra precautions.  Has your loved one’s care facility adjusted its behaviors and protocol to protect your loved one and other residents? An experienced Coronavirus Nursing Home Attorneys  near me at the Strom Law Firm, LLC can help

If You Believe Your Loved One Contracted COVID-19 Or Suffered A Wrongful Death Due To  Nursing Home’s Negligence, Contact Strom Law Firm Today.

Has your loved one’s nursing facility failed to meet its obligations?  Has your loved one’s extended care facility not adjusted its protocols for the pandemic?  Has its skilled nursing staff failed to take precautions?

Is My Loved One’s Nursing Home Following Recommendations of The Center For Disease and Control?

The Center for Disease and Control (CDC) has a checklist for nursing homes and long-term care facilities to utilize in their efforts to battle the coronavirus.   According to the CDC, the checklist should be used as one tool to develop a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan, including plans for:

  • Rapid identification and management of ill residents
  • Considerations for visitors and consultant staff
  • Supplies and resources
  • Sick leave policies and other occupational health considerations
  • Education and training
  • Surge capacity for staffing, equipment, and supplies, and postmortem care

Contact our Coronavirus Nursing Home Attorneys Today If Your Loved One’s Skilled Nursing Home Is Not Following Center For Disease And Control Recommendations for Coronavirus prevention.

If you believe that your loved one’s facility is not following CDC recommendations or not meeting its duty to protect your loved one, contact Strom Law Firm today.  We have experienced nursing home lawyers, and we are ready and willing to help.

Nursing Homes are Responsible for the Conditions of their Facility

A nursing home must use reasonable care to keep its premises in a safe condition for residents and visitors. Essentially, this requires that the premises used by residents and visitors be kept in a safe condition and not expose anyone to danger unnecessarily.

With respect to residents, a nursing home or long-term care facility must protect its residents and patients from the risk of harm and must take adequate measures to prevent residents from becoming infected, and from the spread of the infection.

Has your loved one’s care facility taken adequate measures to prevent your loved ones and other patients from being infected with COVID-19?

Nursing Homes Have Already Been Punished for Nursing Home neglect during the Coronavirus

A nursing home in Seattle, WA, which was at the center of Washington state’s COVID-19 outbreak, has been fined over $600,000.00 by federal and state officials for problems that contributed to the outbreak and led to nearly 40 deaths at the facility.  You may recall, this nursing home was widely reported as the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in Washington.  Irresponsible nursing homes, extended care facilities, and skilled nursing facilities are being held responsible for outbreaks within their facility.

Do You Have A Coronavirus Claim Against Your Loved Nursing Home Facility?

If you or a loved one have been impacted by the presence of COVID-19 in a nursing home, long-term care facility, or other residential care facilities, contact the Strom Law Firm today to discuss whether we may be able to help you.  We remain ready to serve you and your loved ones during these uncertain times. The Coronavirus Nursing Home Attorneys At Strom Law Firm Are hear to help

Coronavirus Nursing Home Attorneys



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