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Nursing Home Abuse in Orangeburg, SC

If you have an Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse case, contact an experienced Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse attorney like Bakari Sellars can help you navigate your case.

Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
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Do you believe your loved one may have been intentionally or negligently abused while residing in a nursing home or other residential care facility? If so, call our Orangeburg nursing home abuse lawyers at Strom Law Firm in Columbia immediately to discuss a path forward.

Some attorneys market themselves through advertising as the “Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers,” “the highest-rated Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers,” or the highest rated personal injury lawyer in Orangeburg. Our Court rules have declared those statements to be unethical. We believe that the consistent results achieved by personal injury attorneys at the Strom Law Firm make our attorneys best positioned to represent you or a family member after a serious case of nursing home neglect.

Recently, it was estimated that 2,200,000 people live in nursing homes and extended care facilities. Families trust these nursing homes to look after their loved ones properly, and these residents pay a lot of money for the care and assistance they need. However, too many nursing home facilities negligently hire unqualified staff and fail to supervise them properly. Further, many facilities overwork and underpay their nursing home staff. These unfortunate conditions in facilities in and around Orangeburg can all too easily lead to injuries caused by nursing home abuse.

Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse LawyersForms of Nursing Home Abuse in Orangeburg, SC

Nursing home abuse presents itself in several ways. All can cause significant physical, mental, and emotional damage to vulnerable victims. Examples of different types of abuse that might occur at a SC nursing home are:

  • Neglect– Examples include not providing proper nutrition, failing to provide medication, unsanitary conditions, isolating residents, falls, bedsores known as pressure wounds or decubitus ulcers, and more.
  • Physical abuse– As hard as it is to believe, this can include punching, pushing, holding, or tying down, slapping, or other forms of battery.
  • Emotional abuse– This includes the use of any words that emotionally harm a resident like threats and belittlement.
  • Financial abuse– Employees of nursing homes sometimes steal or will trick residents into giving them money or valuable assets.
  • Sexual battery

Signs of Abuse in Nursing Homes in Orangeburg, SC

Always keep an eye on loved ones om am assisted living facility for any out of the ordinary changes in their behavior, as this could indicate a brain injury. Also, keep an eye out for any injuries, accidents, poor conditions, apparent fear, altered mood, unexplained weight loss, and any circumstances that raise suspicion. You should first discuss the situation with authorities, and then our Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers.

Contact Our Skilled Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Immediately

If your loved one has been abused or died as a result of abuse in a nursing home or residential care facility in Orangeburg, or anywhere else across South Carolina, contact an Orangeburg nursing home abuse lawyer. We offer free case evaluations, and we do not collect a fee unless we recover for you. Contact the experienced Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers at Strom Law Firm in Columbia (803) 252-4800 or fill out a contact form today and find out if we can help your nursing home negligence case.

Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

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