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If I am convicted, can this be removed from my record?

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Alexandra Benevento, Attorney at Law:
The consequences of a criminal conviction go far beyond any jail time or probation or fine that a judge may impose at the time the person is sentenced. Oftentimes, the collateral consequences of a conviction can be so much more devastating than the sentence itself. Anything from financial difficulty to strain on current employment to difficulty in obtaining new employment; a person can suffer the consequences of a conviction for years after the conviction occurs.

Alexandra Benevento, Attorney at Law:
As far as expungements and pardons are concerned, under South Carolina law, many convictions are expungement eligible, but many others may not be, and in that scenario, a pardon may be a better choice for someone. At the Strom Law Firm, we are always happy to review a person’s criminal history, their official criminal record, and then advise them specifically about their circumstances and whether it would be wise for them to pursue an expungement, if they’re eligible, and to weigh the pros and cons of pursuing a pardon.

Alexandra Benevento, Attorney at Law:
Obtaining an expungement or a pardon can remove some of the stigma associated with a criminal conviction, either in the form of an expungement by removing it from your record entirely or by obtaining a pardon, which is essentially forgiveness for your crime from the state of South Carolina. Obtaining an expungement or a pardon can open up numerous additional opportunities for you, and we, at the Strom Law Firm, would absolutely love to help you do that.



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