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GA Man Poses as Doctor to Treat Patients at SC Nursing Homes

A Georgia man faces charges of impersonating a doctor and treating over 500 senior citizen patients in South Carolina nursing homes. nursing homes at risk of fraud

Ernest Osei Addo, 48, is currently awaiting extradition back to South Carolina from Cobb County Detention Center in Georgia. Addo allegedly unlawfully practiced medicine at five senior-care facilities here in South Carolina.

Addo worked at the five facilities operated by Agape Senior while employed as a physician with Agape Primary Care.

According to WIS TV, Addo provided care to patients at Agape facilities including

  • Agape Senior and Agape Rehab in West Columbia
  • Agape Senior Kathwood
  • Agape Senior Harbison
  • Agape Senior Lexington

Addo practiced with the Agape group from February 15 of this year to August 22. Lexington County Sherriff James Metts said Addo presented copies of documents claiming to be an Orangeburg man licensed to practice medicine in South Carolina. After presenting the documents, Agape Senior hired Addo as a physician.

Sherriff Metts said the person whom Addo impersonated is a personal friend of the defendant.

Identity Theft

The investigation started when the Orangeburg man reported that he was a victim of identity theft and identified Addo as the man who assumed his identity. The victim told authorities Addo illegally practiced medicine by using the victim’s name and unlawfully obtained and using credit cards issued under the victim’s name.

Addo quit Agape the same day the victim informed investigators of the identity theft.

Agape issued a statement regarding the allegations. According to the Sherriff’s Department, the company is cooperating with law enforcement.

“The individual came highly recommended from his previous employer where he practiced as a physician,” the statement said. “Further he provided Agape with all necessary information to practice as a physician and pass through third party credentialing, “ the statement continued.

“As an integrated health provider committed to the health and well-being of its patients and its position in the communities it serves, Agape is shocked that someone would perpetuate such a fraud upon it and its patients. Agape has taken immediate steps to protect its patients and ensure all care was appropriate relative to this matter.”

Sherriff Metts says the investigation continues and the department will decide whether to file additional charges against Addo including unlawfully prescribing medication and unlawfully receiving wages.

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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