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First Week of October Sees Several Meth Lab Drug Busts in South Carolina

Meth lab drug busts increased statewide in October: Lexington County Busts
Meth lab drug busts increased statewide in October: Lexington County Busts

Crack down on Meth: Several counties saw drug busts, including Lexington County


Lexington County saw a few of these drug busts. First, 51-year-old Daniel Christopher Parrish was arrested on drug charges,  and his blue 1995 Dodge Ram Pickup was seized because the truck was home to a mobile meth lab, stored in a tool box. The pickup was parked at a storage business near Irmo, and police responded to a call at about 1:30 AM regarding a suspicious vehicle. Upon seeing the police, Parrish ran for his vehicle and tried to put the truck in reverse. However, deputies blocked the truck’s path, and ordered Parrish to put the vehicle in park, then exit.

When they inspected the vehicle, they found some suspicious items, and a bag of white powder they determined was methamphetamine. They also smelled a distinctive odor emanating from a tool box in the bed of the pickup, which they recognized from their training was an indicator of a clandestine meth lab. They contacted NET officers, who dismantled the tool box and confirmed that it was a meth lab.

Parrish was arrested on charges of manufacturing and possessing methamphetamines, and is now being held at the Lexington County Detention Center, awaiting his bond hearing.

Meth Busts in Lexington County

Also in Lexington, two men and two women were arrested in a drug bust on Oct. 3rd after a meth lab was seized in their home. All four people lived in the house on Weaver Drive, according to the report. Officers involved in the arrest had obtained a search warrant for the house after a 6-month undercover investigation. When they searched the home, they found a one-pot reaction vessel used to manufacture meth in the van parked outside the residence. They also found chemicals and other equipment used to manufacture meth in and underneath the house.

In Goose Creek and Ladson, SC, officers reported that six people were arrested in a drug bust between Wednesday and Thursday for manufacturing meth. In Ladson, four people were arrested after officers found numerous meth-making materials in their home. Deputies in Goose Creek also found meth lab equipment in a home and arrested two people. All six suspects are charged with manufacturing methamphetamines.

Finally, in Springdale, SC, two men have been arrested for operating several meth labs at a local hotel. In the drug bust, Springdale Police arrested 30-year-old James West and 45-year-old Darryl Bailey Wednesday. Police were called to the Cambridge Plaza for a suspected meth lab at about 1 AM on Wednesday, and officers not only found a meth lab in the hotel room, but a mobile meth lab in West’s vehicle. Then, 10 hours later, officers were called again for a “suspicious odor” emanating from a different part of the hotel. Darryl Bailey was living in the room, and officers found a meth lab under his bed, along with some marijuana. Both men are charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, and Bailey is also charged with possession of marijuana.

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