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Madison Teacher Pleads Not Guilty To Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor

High School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty to Two Charges of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor

criminal sexual conduct of a minorA high school teacher in Madison, Wisconsin has pleaded not guilty to two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor. The plaintiffs, 17 and 15, do not have their names mentioned in the charges because they are underage.

Allison Marchese, 37, is a mother of two who worked in the Madison school district for 12 years. Police began investigating Marchese for one potential charge of criminal sexual conduct with a minor after the 17-year-old victim went to the school principal, complaining about Marchese’s online behavior towards him. Reportedly, she and the victim discussed several topics, including yearbook and gym workouts, and then one day she asked to friend him on Instagram. “Because she was the ‘cool’ teacher,” the teenager said, he accepted her friend request and the two messaged each other through the photo sharing app.

Marchese’s husband, Robert Marchese, 39, who is also an English teacher at the high school, told police during an interview that his wife confessed both of instances of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, after he noticed that became obsessed with “social media and working out.” He turned over tape recordings of Marchese admitting her criminal sexual conduct to him.

On Tuesday, February 24th, Marchese pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual assault and risk of injury or impairing the morals of a minor. Of her plea, her attorney said that “substantial traumatic circumstances that have impacted her that I’m sure will be explored fully in the courthouse and not on the courthouse steps.”

He added that she is a “very respected teacher in a highly regarded high school” and “the problem with these type of cases is the media turns them into a gossip festival. In the midst of that, it’s very difficult for people to address the issues fairly and objectively.”

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