Prostitution and Solicitation

South Carolina Prostitution and Solicitation Defense Attorneys

shutterstock_528501175Prostitution and solicitation charges in South Carolina can be complicated and involve an array of legal issues. In some cases, a man may offer a woman a ride, only to find out when the police arrive that she is a prostitute. We can help with your prostitution entrapment defense. Entrapment means that the defendant was not likely to commit prostitution or solicitation, but the conduct or express request of the undercover officer engaged the person in the act.

Prostitution Loitering Defined

When a police officer arrests someone for loitering or soliciting sexual services for the purpose of committing prostitution, an officer looks at many key factors to prove someone was intending to commit a criminal act:

  • Possession of condoms
  • Possession of a large amount of cash/types of bills
  • Possession of cell phones/pagers
  • Possession of a ‘client list’
  • Location, dress, suspicious activity

While these charges are usually misdemeanors, unless you have prior convictions, in which case you may be facing a felony charge. Prostitution and solicitation charges involve delicate matters that are best handled by an attorney. Whether you are innocent or guilty of prostitution or solicitation, your personal life is at stake and you do not want your good name to be damaged with a bad reputation.

If you have been accused of soliciting prostitution, call the South Carolina criminal defense attorneys at the Strom Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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