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Road Rage Car Accident Nearly Kills 3

Three Victims Nearly Die After Road Rage Incident Leads to Car Accident and Plunge Into Frozen River

road rageThree passengers of a silver SUV in Stoneham, Maine, claim that a red truck caused them to run off the road and plunge into the frozen Crooked River. The car accident was caused by road rage, the victims say, and it nearly killed them.

Manny Ticas was driving the SUV, and his two passengers were Devon Heard and Kayla Carpenter.

Video surveillance taken minutes before the road rage car accident showed Ticas passing a red truck over a solid yellow line. Ticas told police and reporters that the red truck was on the shoulder of the road on the passenger side, and he was trying to remain in the lane. Outside of surveillance footage range, on Route 302, Ticas said that the red truck’s driver swerved in front of them and slammed on his brakes, causing Ticas to rear end the truck. Heard said that Ticas pulled up next to the truck’s driver, and the group told him that they did not feel safe pulling over on that icy stretch of road, and instead would meet up with the red truck’s driver at a gas station. Then they pulled away, and calling 911 while they were on their way to the closest gas station.

According to Heard, the red truck did not follow them, and instead entered the shoulder of the road and tried to push Ticas’s vehicle into oncoming traffic.

“He was coming on the shoulder of us, pushing us into the other lane into oncoming traffic,” Heard said. He said that the truck was driving erratically, trying to hit them. “It was no accident. The roads weren’t icy. The roads weren’t bad. It was premeditated. He knew what he was doing.”

The truck eventually caused the SUV to drive into the railing of the bridge, and the vehicle plunged into the icy river.

The road rage car accident is being investigated as a criminal matter, according to local police. Officers recently arrested a suspect in the accident, although they have not released his name.

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