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Bamberg Dog Bite Lawyers
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According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), well over half a million Americans are treated for injuries resulting from dog bites each year. Over half of those that get medical care are children, while senior citizens comprise the next highest rate of dog bite patients. If someone else has negligently caused a South Carolina dog bite injury for you or a loved one and your life has been affected, contact the experienced Bamberg Dog Bite Lawyers at Strom Law Firm to work diligently towards securing the compensation you are entitled to under law.

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Even individuals who take every preventative measure are still bitten by dogs. Many of those bites can be very severe. If you are bitten, call emergency medical services (EMS) or go to the nearest emergency department or urgent care facility. Often, victims suffer mental and emotional harm from being attacked by a dog. These are compensable damages in addition to physical injuries.

It is always important to know the name of the dog’s owner, and if the dog bite occurred at a residential home or a commercial apartment, the name of the homeowner or the apartment complex. It can be critical to know where in the home or apartment complex that the dog bite occurred, including if the dog bite was in an outdoor or common area.

After receiving the medical treatment that you require, you should speak to a dog bite attorney who will review the facts of your case and analyze them under South Carolina law to protect your rights. Whether you can recover for your dog bite injuries, and determining who is responsible for your dog bite injuries, can be complicated. It is important for an attorney to advise and help you through the process. Our Bamberg dog bite lawyers will fight for you to receive due compensation.

How to Take to Avoid Dog Bites in Bamberg, South Carolina

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a list of some easy to remember safety tips to prevent being bitten by a dog:

Actions to AVOID Around Dogs:

  • AVOID approaching strange dogs that you do not know.
  • AVOID running away from dogs, they will give chase.
  • AVOID panicking or making sudden loud noises that might startle a dog.
  • AVOID disturbing sleeping dogs, and dogs who are eating
  • AVOID promoting aggressive play in your own or other dogs.
  • Most importantly, NEVER let children around a dog while unsupervised.

Actions to take to avoid dog bites:

  • Remain calm and motionless if approached by a strange dog.
  • Children should find an adult, and adults should reach out to local police or animal control about stray dogs or strange dogs.
  • If a dog that you do not know knocks you down, curl into a fetal position and put your hands over your head, covering your face and ears.

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Bamberg Dog Bite Lawyers

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