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If you have a Car Accident case, contact an experienced Bamberg Car Accident Lawyers like Bakari Sellars can help you navigate your case.

Cars are an ordinary fixture of life for people in Bamberg, South Carolina. As such, driving automobiles can easily be taken for granted. Our Bamberg car accident lawyers know that numerous busy State Routes like 78, 301, 321, and 601 run through the Bamberg area. These roads are traveled daily by many thousands of drivers, posing risk to both drivers and pedestrians.

The sudden impact of a car accident can be devastating and shocking to unexpected drivers. Most importantly, the effects of an accident often remain well past the time of impact. South Carolina car accident victims often face medical hurdles and obstacles for months and years beyond the accident.

If you have experienced an injury resulting from a car accident, call the car accident lawyers at Strom Law Firm at 803-252-4800, or contact us online to discuss your potential claims.

If you are unsure about whether or not it is necessary to hire a car accident law firm, take a look at our page about when you should hire a Bamberg personal injury lawyer.

Immediately Obtain Medical Attention

If you are involved in a car crash in Bamberg, you should first seek immediate medical attention. Although you may not initially believe that you are injured, some injuries are not obvious, even to those who are injured. Many will take days or even weeks to fully develop, and it’s completely necessary to be treated as early as possible to protect your health. Moreover, it is important to be treated early because such treatment ensures that medical records are kept to document your injury, which will be very important if you are later forced to file a personal injury claim.

Seemingly minor injuries can suddenly take a serious turn for the worse, and in some situations, become deadly:

  • Internal bleeding – Internal bleeding is a life-threatening consequence of trauma. The condition can arise with most organs or blood vessels in the human body. Car crashes and other accidents often involve blunt force trauma when your body collides with another object at high speed. The most common causes of internal bleeding are:
    • Traumatic Head Injury
    • Liver and spleen damage
    • Injuries near the lungs and heart

Signs of internal bleeding will vary, depending on the injury’s severity and location, but some symptoms to keep an eye on include:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Headaches
  • Deep Purple Color to Skin
  • Talk and Die Syndrome – If you or a loved one experiences trauma to the head during a car accident, there may not always be immediately obvious signs of brain injury. You could be suffering from a condition known colloquially as “Talk and Die Syndrome.” You or your loved one may seem fully lucid and able to functionally walk and talk, all while internally suffering from an epidural hemorrhage. Victims, unaware of a fractured skull or bleeding and swelling, might attempt to carry on with regular activities. Some symptoms might later include nausea, a severe headache, and sudden sleepiness.

“Talk and Die Syndrome” could be fatal, so if you or a passenger suffered a blow to the head during a car accident, seek medical attention even if you feel perfectly fine. Advise medical professionals that you struck your head, and it may be injured. It is of the utmost importance that such conditions are treated immediately before the condition deteriorates.

After you have been in an auto accident, never decline medical attention. You may be able to walk and talk, but the chance for catastrophic internal non-obvious injuries is too high to risk your life.

Preserve Your Rights

Bamberg Car Accident Lawyers
Bakari Sellers-Attorney

After being in a car accident, you should take several steps to preserve your rights. After receiving medical care for yourself, as well as your spouse and/or children, assist law enforcement with their accident report. It is important to document all of the details of your accident for potential future litigation.

Never speak with the driver of the other vehicle. You cannot know what they will say or what they might choose to hear. They may be posturing for a future legal claim. When motives are not known, it is important to avoid conversation.

Most insurance companies will attempt to speak with you in an effort to settle your claim against the other driver. Do not speak with these companies. You should always have your case reviewed by an auto accident lawyer before settling too quickly. Many insurance companies will attempt to take advantage of accident victims in frantic and confused states of mind.

Our clients are the top priority at Strom Law Firm. We understand the complex difficulties of suffering from car accident injuries and the vast array of physical and financial consequences that accompany such an accident. We commit to fighting for you to get the damages to which you are entitled.

How Much Do Bamberg car accident lawyers Cost?

Consulting with the Bamberg car accident lawyers like Bakari Sellars at Strom Law Firm will not cost you anything. Our fee is contingent and will only be paid if we are able to collect it on your behalf. Contact an attorney at Strom Law Firm today so we can get to work for you ASAP.

Bamberg Car Accident Lawyers

Automobile accidents can happen in any place at any time. Cases of distracted driving are increasing, and too many drivers drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Many drivers are simply reckless. Depending on the severity of your injuries, car accident expenses can be astronomically high. Nobody should be forced to spend their own money on recovery for personal injury or wrongful death resulting from another’s negligence. Take control and take action against the responsible driver.

If you have been injured in a car crash in Bamberg, contact us online. We offer free case evaluations, and we do not collect a fee unless we recover for you. Contact our team of experienced Bamberg car accident lawyers by calling 803-252-4800 or online and find out if we are able to help you.

Bamberg Car Accident Lawyers