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Driver Arrested for Fourth DUI Charge in 48 Hours

Rhode Island Resident Arrested on DUI Charges 4 Times in 2 Daysshutterstock_536811193

A Rhode Island man was arrested and charged for committing his fourth DUI in 48 hours.

John Lourenco, 53 years old, was reportedly arrested on Sunday, September 14th, 2014, for a DUI. Then on Monday, September 15th, he was arrested three additional times for DUI. Three of his four total DUI arrests came after he ran his car into a tree or another car, according to police.

Lourenco was originally released into his parents’ custody after his first arrest. Finally, after his fourth DUI arrest, he was held in jail for arraignment. He also received a breathalyzer, which registered his blood alcohol content at over three times the legal limit.

The DUI spree began on Sunday morning, after Lourenco crashed his car into a family SUV and injured two small children. He was taken to a local Rhode Island hospital for treatment of his injuries, but was so unruly while there that he had to be placed in restraints. He allegedly threatened a police officer and threw a bottle filled with urine at hospital staff when they tried to measure his blood alcohol content with a urine test.

After being released into his parents’ custody from the hospital, Lourenco got into another DUI accident on Monday morning. He crashed into yet another car, and officers at the scene measured his blood alcohol content at .220, still close to 3 times the legal limit.

He was against released into his parents’ custody, but a few hours later, according to police reports, he was seen driving erratically. He was taken to Landmark Hospital and released into the hospital’s custody.

His fourth DUI occurred after he was released from the hospital, when he tried to drive a dump truck before crashing into a tree. He was taken back to the hospital, given a blood test to determine that he was still drunk, and on the fourth DUI charge, finally held in custody for a court hearing.

Lourenco has officially been charged with reckless driving, refusing a breathalyzer, DUI, and having no evidence of vehicle insurance. On Monday, April 27th, he was sentenced to 2 years in the Rhode Island Correctional Institute, as well as a $3,400 fine, and mandatory alcohol counseling.

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