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Folly Beach Rewarding Cops for DUI Arrests

DUI is a serious crimeFitsnews broke the news today that the Folly Beach Police Department has created a new incentive program to encourage officers to arrest more people for driving under the influence (DUI).

According to an email that FITS posted in full, the police officer who makes the most DUI arrests during a 40 day period will win an unmarked Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser.  The more DUI arrests made by an individual officer, the more likely they are to win the car.

The DUI Email

From: Dennis Brown
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 3:19 PM
To: (Redacted)

Everyone, I am going to provide an unmarked cruiser to the officer who charges the most DUI offenses from now until September 1st. We will do this every year for the officer who arrest the most DUIs. If you do not want the unmarked Crown Vic then the second place person will receive the car.

Dennis Brown
Director of Public Safety
Folly Beach SC 29439
843-588-7003 fax 843-588-7009

It’s unclear if the e-mail means that the winner gets to keep the cruiser or if they just get to use it, but it certainly is an interesting kind of motivation.  An Upstate Sheriff said it was on “the thin line between motivation and bounty hunting” and almost like paying a bonus for arrests, casting suspicion on the arrests made.

South Carolina DUI Lawyers

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