South Carolina’s Highways: Most Dangerous in Nation

A Washington-based research group recently ranked South Carolina as number 1 in a nationwide study of the most dangerous highways, despite the fact that fatal car accidents are down overall statewide.  The researchers scored each sate in six categories:

south carolina highways

  1. Interstate Speeding Fatalities per Mile of Interstate;
  2. Percent of Drivers without Seatbelts;
  3. Highway Bridges Rated Obsolete or Deficient;
  4. Highway Deaths per 1000 Highway Miles Traveled;
  5. Federal Funding; and
  6. IIHS Death Rates.

Not only did the study rank South Carolina highways and drivers as the most unsafe in the nation,South Carolina was the only state in the top ten to rank in the bottom half of every single category.  South Carolina finished thirty-seven points higher than runner up, Florida, and forty-one points higher than the third most dangerous state, Alabama.

Failure to use Seat Belts and Texting  While Driving 

The state-by-state comparison ranked South Carolina in the top ten for vehicle fatality rates, highway conditions, and seat belt use.  Other Southern states accounted for more than half of the top ten most dangerous.

Despite the disheartening overall state trend, the South Carolina Highway Patrol continues to work hard to keep dangerous drivers off of the roads in South Carolina.  Recently the South Carolina Highway Patrol concluded “100 Deadly Days of Summer,”  a campaign for safety on the road, during which the Highway Patrol cracks down on DUIs, seat belt violations, and motorcycle helmet violations.  To date, thirty-two fewer fatalities have been recorded on state roads this year, compared to the same time last year.

South Carolina Troopers say the study accurately pinpointed a pervasive problem among South Carolina drivers — failure to use seat belts while driving. More than 50 percent of the traffic deaths recorded in South Carolina this year involved victims who were not wearing seat belts.  The researchers also noted South Carolina’s lack of cell phone bans while driving.

The most unsafe roads in the state are near the coastline, specifically, those in and around Myrtle Beach.  The Grand Strand, a summer tourist attraction,  is home to South Carolina’s most dangerous Highway, U.S.Highway 17.   This year alone, troopers have reported 560 car accidents on U.S. Highway 17.   This year, there have been six deaths resulting from accidents on U.S. Highway 17 inHorryCounty.

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