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Vodka Banned From Idaho Shelves Due to Polygamy Reference

South Carolina Alcohol and Beverage Licensing Law

A vodka brand is causing quite a stir in Idaho.

Five Wives Vodka has been removed from shelves in state run liquor stores in Idaho. The vodka, made by Ogden’s Own Distillery in Utah, was removed from stores due to what regulators in the state of Idaho call “bad taste”.

With over a quarter of Idaho’s population being Mormon, many found the reference to polygamy to be offensive. Polygamy has been abandoned by the Mormon Church for over a century.

The vodka sells for about $20 a bottle, and according to Idaho State Liquor Division administrator, Jeff Anderson, there is simply no room on the shelves for another middle-shelf vodka like Five Wives.

Ogden’s Own Distillery owners find the move unfair stating that a beer named Polygamy Porter is still available for purchase in Utah. Anderson states that the State of Idaho has no control over what beers get sold on store shelves, but do control what liquor gets sold due to control of a mix of state-owned and privately-operated stores.

Five Wives remains on Utah shelves. Utah regulates all sales of hard liquor and as Vickie Ashby, spokeswoman for the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, stated, no one is raising a fuss.

According to South Carolina Liquor Laws, the state has control of the distilled spirits, like vodka, but does not control beer or wine sales.

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