What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Hiring a skilled South Carolina car accident attorney is important if you have been involved in a collision or accident where any party may have been injured or is liable for damage caused to other vehicles or property. A car accident lawyer can help to manage your legal case, ensure you understand your rights as a victim, and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Vehicular incidents can cause significant injuries, some of which may not be immediately apparent. Whether you believe you have a personal injury claim or wish to protect yourself from claims that might be made against you, Strom Law can help.

If you are unsure of when to call a lawyer after a car accident, our advice is to get in touch at the earliest opportunity. This will help you take the appropriate steps to safeguard your rights or file a claim in good time.

What Compensation Can I Claim After a Traffic Collision?


When seeking the assistance of a car accident lawyer, understanding the potential car accident legal compensation becomes paramount. Car accidents can lead to various damages, both physical and financial, and a skilled attorney can help you navigate the complexities of claiming the compensation you deserve.


Your attorney, acting as your advocate, will work diligently to ensure that all relevant factors are considered in building a compelling case for optimal legal compensation. With their expertise, you can rest assured that every aspect of your losses is taken into account, striving for a fair resolution that alleviates the burdens imposed by the unfortunate incident.

Drivers or passengers involved in a collision that was not their fault are often able to claim compensation for:

  • Costs of medical treatment, medications, therapies, and long-term support
  • Repairs to the vehicle or purchasing a replacement vehicle
  • Lost income due to time off work following the incident
  • Pain and suffering or financial compensation for stress-related outcomes
  • Repairs or replacement costs to cover other private property

Attorneys who specialize in car accidents are well-versed in all the applicable provisions and laws. They can advise on the best course of action to pursue the compensation you are owed.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Assist?

Following an accident, it is essential to act quickly, particularly if you have suffered an injury or were otherwise affected by the actions of another driver. The first step is to collect all the evidence and information possible to ensure you have a robust case.

Support for a claim is tailored to your circumstances. It begins with an attorney providing advice to ensure you know how to make the required reports to the police, insurance providers, and the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Working through the proper procedures will support your claim moving forward and show that you have satisfied your duty to file reports and details of the accident. It also ensures that you adhere to any legal obligations involved in reporting auto accidents where injuries occurred or there was $1,000 or more in property damage.

Managing Your Car Accident Legal Case

In most cases, a car accident claim can be settled out of court, with negotiations between your lawyer and the at-fault party’s insurance provider. As your legal representative, Strom Law works on your behalf to:

  • Gather police reports, proof of damages, evidence, and witness statements with sufficient supporting information and documentation
  • Compile a claim and begin settlement discussions with the insurance provider
  • Challenge any unreasonably low settlement offers to protect your rights and ensure your final compensation is fair

If you decide to file a lawsuit, and we believe this is in your interests, Strom Law will work through the pretrial preparations and represent you in court to uphold your right to compensation.

Understanding Your Legal Rights After a Car Accident

There are specific laws in place regarding personal injury cases following a collision. If you have any doubts about the validity of a potential claim or whether you could possibly be the subject of a lawsuit, a capable attorney can navigate the legal system with you.

Damages that occurred during an accident caused by another driver or road user are not your financial responsibility. However, it may be necessary to establish whether both parties met state requirements.

South Carolina Legislation Around Responsibility for Road Accidents

Financial compensation lawsuits and personal injury claims are decided based on fault, and we may need to investigate the details to ascertain the cause of the accident.

South Carolina law states that fault is based on comparative negligence. If both drivers were at fault, damages are reduced depending on the assigned level of responsibility for the incident.

However, state law also relies on a modified-51% ruling, which means that people involved in an accident can only claim compensation if they are deemed to bear less than half of the responsibility.

In Conclusion

Understanding the finer points and applying the law correctly is imperative to the successful resolution of a lawsuit or personal injury claim, which is why working with an experienced lawyer is so important. Call Strom Law if you’ve been in a car accident.



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