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DUI Attorney in Brunswick, GA

Has this ever been the case for you or someone you know? Being suspected of DUI can be a frightening experience, from the field sobriety tests to the breath test, to the suspension of your license. Contacting a qualified Brunswick DUI Lawyer at the Strom Law Firm can help you navigate a DUI case

Imagine that you are driving down the street in downtown Brunswick when you see blue lights behind you. You pull over in a safe location and the officer approaches your vehicle. You hand him your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance when the question comes…”How much have you had to drink tonight?”

Brunswick DUI LawyersHas this ever been the case for you or someone you know? Being suspected of DUI can be a frightening experience, from the field sobriety tests to the breath test, to the suspension of your license. Contacting a qualified Brunswick DUI Lawyer at the Strom Law Firm can help you navigate a DUI case.


The scenario described above is similar to the type of traffic stop that you may experience. An officer may pull you over for a multitude of reasons; for instance, not using a turn signal, speeding, failing to stop at a stoplight, or swerving. No matter what the initial reason for the stop is, if the officer smells alcohol, it is very likely you will be asked to step out of the car to perform a series of tests. The officer may not smell alcohol but may suspect you are driving impaired by a substance other than alcohol, such as prescription or OTC medication, or illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, or methamphetamine.


Field sobriety tests are performed roadside during a traffic stop when an officer suspects you of driving under the influence. These tests provide “clues” of impairment. If you show a sufficient number of “clues” indicating impairment, you may be arrested and charged with DUI. Contact a Brunswick DUI Lawyer for help.


Once you are arrested under suspicion of DUI, you will be taken to jail and offered an opportunity to provide a breath sample.


If you are convicted of a DUI in Georgia, you may face a number of penalties including jail time, fines, license suspensions, and other collateral consequences such as increased auto insurance premiums.

COMMON QUESTIONS for a Brunswick DUI Lawyer

I was arrested for DUI in Georgia but I had not been drinking at all. Will I be able to beat it?

According to the Georgia DUI statute, it is unlawful for a person to drive while under the influence of alcohol, any other drug, or a combination of other drugs or substances, which can cause impairment to the extent that their faculties to drive a vehicle are materially and appreciably impaired. Not only is alcohol one of the substances listed, but this could include medications that have been mixed with alcohol or other substances, or can include driving while under the influence of illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.

If a law enforcement officer believes you are driving impaired, he or she may ask you to perform field sobriety tests. Once he or she determines you are impaired, you will be asked for a breath sample. If the breath sample is refused or the sample provides a very low reading, the law enforcement officer may ask that you provide a urine or blood sample at the local hospital.

If you are arrested for DUI and believe that you were not impaired, you should contact a Brunswick DUI lawyer immediately. The earlier we start working on your case, the better we will be able to fight the DUI charges against you. Contact Strom Law Firm today at 912.264.6465 for a free consultation.

Should I perform field sobriety tests or provide a breath sample? What about a urine or blood sample?

You have the right to refuse to submit to any testing the law enforcement officer requests. You can refuse to perform the field sobriety tests, but this will not prevent you from possibly being arrested for a DUI offense. You can also refuse to provide a breath, blood or urine sample (as discussed above), but you may have your license suspended for doing so.

What is an IID (Ignition Interlock Device) and do I have to install one after a DUI conviction?

The Ignition Interlock Device is a breath test mechanism attached to your vehicle’s motor which will only allow the car to start once you provide a breath sample below a certain threshold. The device is also set up to periodically require you to breathe again to prevent others from blowing in the device for you. If you do not submit to the test, the event will be logged in the IID’s memory and alarms will go off until you stop the car. The device should be installed in any and all vehicles that you drive. An IID is not required for every DUI conviction. The experienced attorneys at the Strom Law Firm can advise you on whether an IID is required in your case.

Can I get a DUI conviction removed from my criminal record?

No, a DUI conviction can never be removed from your record through a restricted record. This is one of the most devastating aspects of being charged or convicted of a DUI offense in Georgia. Contact the Strom Law Firm today if you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI to avoid having this type of conviction follow you for the rest of your life.


The Brunswick DUI Lawyer at the Strom Law Firm are well-equipped to handle the ins and outs of a DUI charge. We are well-versed in the aspects required to defend these charges and are aware of the rules that law enforcement officers must follow in order to be successful in their pursuit of a conviction. Call a Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer at Strom Law Firm today at 912.264.6465 for your free consultation.

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