Possession with Intent to Distribute

South Carolina Drug Crime Attorneys – Possession with Intent to Distribute

Distribution, possession with intent to distribute, and the manufacturing of any drugs are all in conjunction with the same statute, with penalties that may differ based on the associated drug.

Possession with the intent to distribute will be determined based on weight. A finding of greater than one ounce of marijuana or one gram of cocaine will take you from a simple possession charge to possession with intent to distribute.

In order to make a conviction, the prosecution must prove this intent to distribute which can be shown in a variety of ways. Evidence such as baggies, packaging of the drug and any statements made by the defendant that were recorded can be used, combined with the weight of the drug in question, to prove intent to distribute.

During a jury trial, you can be found not guilty of the charge or guilty of a lesser offense of simple possession. There are also circumstances when a lack of evidence might cause the prosecution to reduce the charge to simple possession as well.

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