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Junior Seau estate facing personal injury trial

personal injury trialBefore NFL player Junior Seau’s suicide,  he was sued by a man named Murray “Moose” Lea in a personal injury claim.  Lea, a homeless surfboard-maker, sued Seau for causing him injuries in a 2010 car accident that Seau had.  Despite the death of the accused, the man is going forward with his suit demanding $256,000 from the player’s estate.

The hearing began last week, over 13 months after the initial filing of the personal injury suit against Junior Seau.  Lea acted as his own attorney while a lawyer from Farmers Insurance Group represented the estate.

Lea is asking for: $60,000 in lost wages; $57,500 for pain and suffering; $11,500 for medication; $5,000 for relocating because of death threats.

Seau drove his SUV off a Carlsbad cliff in 2010, and Lea claims that he was nearly hit and forced to jump out of the way.  This caused him several injuries and lost time at work.  Seau’s estate claims that he was not hit and all of his injuries were from previous incidents, and Lea failed to produce any doctors backing up his claims of personal injury.  Nor could he show proof of lost income.

According to Lea, he and Junior were friends and he’s been receiving death threats because of the suit.  Because of this he believes he should also be given money in emotional damages.

Defense attorney Stephan asked a series of questions that led Lea to say he had paid nothing for his personal injury treatment and he had made a similar lost-earnings claim after an earlier injury he says was caused by the Del Mar racetrack.

Lea rejected a settlement offered three weeks prior to the trial.

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