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Have you been victimized by sexual abuse? If so, contact a Brunswick Sexual Abuse Lawyer now for a complimentary case consultation. It is important for you or your loved one to realize that there are choices available to the crime victims of such heinous and unimaginable crimes.

Brunswick Sexual Abuse LawyerSexual abuse is broadly considered an offensive, undesired, or nonconsensual act that carries sexual connotations, whether expressly or implicitly. Abuse is a very broad term that may be used to describe offensive and unwanted behavior such as conversations that may be portrayed as “locker room talk,” while the term abuse may also be used to describe the most brutal sexual assaults.

All sexual abuse carries with it physical and emotional consequences for the perpetrator’s victims. Perpetrators of sexual abuse and assault cause devastating suffering to their victims. These effects will often stay with the victim through his or her entire life. Contact a skilled and experienced Brunswick sexual abuse attorney to protect your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Common Forms of Sexual Abuse

Sadly, there are many different acts of sexual abuse committed by people every day. Some common types are listed below:

  • Child Molestation and Sexual Abuse
    • Children should be protected by adults. While inconceivable to nearly all of us, there are adults in society who sexually prey on the most vulnerable of us.
  • Sexual Harassment
    • Harassment can be verbal, written, via the internet, or through other forms of communication.
  • Rape and Attempted Rape
  • Domestic Violence and Marital Rape
    • If you are married, nonconsensual sex is still rape.
  • Groping
  • Date Rape
    • While generally thought of as a crime that only happens on college campuses, date rape can be committed anywhere.
  • Elder Sexual Abuse
    • Unfortunately, those with access to vulnerable elderly adults sometimes prey upon them, even in a sexual manner.

How Can You Make A Sexual Abuser Pay For What They Have Done?

Far too often, cases of sexual abuse go unreported, leaving the abusers free to harm somebody else. While reporting such an attack can be difficult, perpetrators of sexual abuse need to be held accountable. Retaining a skilled and compassionate Brunswick Sexual Abuse lawyer can help you navigate this frightening situation. Along with supporting you through these difficult times, our attorneys will pursue compensation from your attacker for the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages and income
  • Permanent or temporary physical disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Punitive damages, awarded to victims as the punishment of the perpetrator
  • Medical bills, including those incurred for mental health services

Navigating the circumstances following a sexual attack can be intimidating, but having legal counsel by your side can make it a little bit easier. Filing a lawsuit initiates a complex and sometimes drawn-out process. Having an attorney’s counsel and guidance is helpful. At Strom Law Firm, we have experience guiding clients through a wide variety of complex legal situations, including sexual abuse and assault cases. Our Brunswick Sexual Abuse Lawyers are understanding, compassionate, and empathetic to your struggle, and we are ready to help you through it.

Sexual Abuse Stats

  • Sexual abuse victims come from every demographic, regardless of sex, age, race, or economic standing. Unfortunately, it is widely believed that the majority of sexual abuse cases are never reported, but it is commonly estimated that 8 percent to 20 percent of America’s population has been abused or molested, in some way, at some point in their lives.
  • Around 70 percent of reported abuse cases involve children under 17 years of age.

Unfortunately, sexual predators use everyday activities as opportunities to commit sexual abuse and violence. The places and activities that are often targeted usually host unsupervised children. Far too often, sexual predatory behavior occurs in locations where parents believe their children are safe. Some common places of attack include:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • After-school Programs
  • Sports Teams
  • Dance Classes
  • Foster Homes and Children’s Homes
  • Hospitals and Doctors’ Offices
  • Care Facilities

Contact A Brunswick Sexual Abuse Lawyer

If you or your loved one has been victimized by sexual abuse or sexual assault, the skilled and compassionate Brunswick Sexual Abuse Lawyers at Strom Law Firm are here to help. We are experienced in representing victims of sexual abuse and other sex crimes, and we are available to help guide you through this difficult time. Our lawyers are ready to meet with you in person at your convenience. You can also contact us online or by phone at 912.264.6465 to schedule a time to talk with a Brunswick Sexual Abuse Lawyer.

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